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League Judgement and Backstory: Janna, The Storm's Fury

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Yngve Zephyrous

Senior Member


Hey everyone! I'm an avid Janna player and have always enjoyed playing her, but I noticed she has very limited and broadly written lore, and no League Judgement. I know that her alias indicates that Janna is more aggressive and dangerous, but her primary role is support, even if she's being built, AP Carry, Cooldown Tank, or Physical DPS, so I chose the support role as the focus for her lore. So without further ado, here is my piece on Janna, The Storm's Fury!


Janna had no clear memories of her parents growing up, but this never particularly bothered her much; she spent most of her time just trying to sustain a living. The most prominent and recurring obstacle she came across was magic.

Residing within the city limits of Zaun and not running into magic is about as likely as a Demacian would marry a Noxian. The city-streets flow with magic, as if the streets were the veins, and magic was the blood. Janna might have been young and lacking guidance, but she came to realize that if she did not harness the power that surrounded her, it would eventually be her demise.

She took odd-jobs here and there, mostly as a temporary servant to magicians and sorcerers with questionable motives for their work. She didn’t let the opportunities go to waste, however, and would secretly study alone when her employers were out. As she grew older, she began to practice her own craft, and she found she had a knack for elemental magic, specifically, the element of air. When she was just 11 years old, she was able to levitate herself and create small gusts of wind through air pressure changes. By age 12, Janna was capable of conjuring small storms in seconds, using the surrounding air to protect anything she wanted, and even healing others.

It was not long into her teenage years that other mages took notice of the young girl’s abilities. Many mages who she had once worked for were now requesting her to teach them her powers, which they claimed she owed them for hiring her. When Janna was 16 years old, she was hailed as a prodigy by the local government and often requested for special assignments. Though Janna’s fame and powers were strong, one thing remained the same, she was on her own and had to protect herself… and now, others were requesting that same protection. Janna was never out of work, there was always someone who wanted to hire her as a personal escort to safely traverse the chaotic city of Zaun.


A harsh silence falls over the chamber, broken only by the sound of a gentle breeze as Janna enters. She quickly takes in her surroundings and makes note of all possible pathways in and out of the chamber. Janna was used to keeping her guard up deep in the city of Zaun, orphaned as a child. Her eyes glowed as she searched the room for any possible threats, but a magical aura that was even too powerful for Janna to perceive beckoned Janna to proceed forward towards the marble doors.

She obeyed this internal command with an almost unnatural focus. Seeing no threats, Janna aimed her staff towards the two marble doors, and summoned a strong gale that forced the doors open. Her mouth opened a bit in shock to find that the only thing behind the doors was a plane of darkness. She put up her arm in front of her defensively. Janna was not one to just walk right into unknown and unfamiliar places without getting her bearings, but the power of the summoning was still great. Slowly, she floated into the darkness.


After Janna entered the black chamber, she was jolted back into a distant time in her childhood, and heard an imposing shout.

“Stop that girl! She’s stolen my book!”

A young, barefooted girl could be heard running as fast as she could through a cobblestone alley. Dark red bruises on her back stung her, but she did not scream, and she did not stop her retreat. The only sign of her pain was a few tears streaming down her cheeks. The only sound she made was her feet hitting the ground. When her energy was spent, she crawled underneath an abandoned vending cart to hide. Janna imagined it had once been used to sell magical herbs in the nearby marketplace to the local sorcerers. Her breath hushed as her pursuers came near.

“What are you waiting for, find that girl this instant!” a raging voice shouted.

“We’re doing our best, sir, but this area is complex. There are lots of alley ways and places to run to. She was smart to come this way… and besides that, Zaun is a huge city. You’ll be lucky to see her again at all,” the voice of a guard commented.

“It’s just my luck coming back to me! I hired that puny, conniving guttersnipe off the streets, she said she needed a place to stay and was willing to work, but she didn’t tell me what else she was planning! When I came back in for the evening, I found her stowed away in a back room with MY spellbooks!”

Janna closed her eyes tightly, clutching the spellbook she had taken close to her body. A single tear drops onto the cover.

The magician continued his rant, “As I do with any servant of mine who takes my materials without permission, I took out my whip and gave her a good reminder of who’s in charge in MY home, and then the little wretch ran off with my book! If you don’t find her soon, I’m going to report you to your commanders for incompetence!”

The guard speaks more sternly, “Magician, please listen to reason! Do you know how many lost and stolen spellbooks there are in Zaun? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your own collection you thought you purchased legally was previously stolen. Why, nearly everyone in Zaun wants to try their hand at magic, and some take any means necessary to get the chance. In your place, I would be thankful that she just made off with the one book,”

The magician, though still upset, lets out a disturbed sigh, and silenced himself. He knew the guard was right. The little girl he took in was merely doing what almost everyone in Zaun was doing. It was a dangerous place, and a sink or swim society, the life preserver for many was magic. He decided to let the whole situation go, reluctantly of course, and trudged back to his home, the guard left soon after.

Janna quietly crept out from under the cart, and gazed down at the spellbook she had taken. Part of her felt terrible for stealing, however she knew she couldn’t return back to the magician. She walked away from the area in no particular direction for hours. When she could walk no more and her eyes refused to stay open, she settled herself behind some wooden crates and laid herself down to rest.

Before sleep could come to her, the lashes on her back from the magician’s whip began to blister, and she buried her face into her hands in a deep sob. At first her tears were for the pain, but it was the change that happened in her mentality that made her sobbing continue. She realized at that moment, that her life from now on would have to be dedicated to protecting herself and staying alive, and no one was going to help her but herself.

As Janna recalled these past events, her face was stern, but unwavering. She did not shed a single tear, nor did she grow uneasy. As much pain as she endured during those times, she knew that it made her stronger, and able to judge situations with her mind rather than her emotions.

Janna heard a voice echo in her mind. She didn’t recognize the voice, and she could not even distinguish if it was male or female.

“Why do you want to join the League?”

Janna calmly responded to the stranger, “I want to protect others, and to right the wrongs of this world,”

She hears a chuckle and then a response, “That’s a very broad answer; now tell me, what motivates that desire?”

She pauses for a moment, then says, “I… never had that luxury myself. You see, I grew up as an orphan, I never knew my parents. I always had to rely on myself to get by, no one was there to teach me, no one was there to keep me safe. If I was in trouble, it was up to me to make things right…”

“Yes,” the voice in her head says with approval, “How does it feel exposing your mind?”

Janna does not hesitate to respond. “I feel cared about… that for once, someone is looking out for me, even if I cannot see who it is, even if I do not know who it is…”

The Fields of Justice slowly come into sight for Janna. Relieved to be able to see once more, Janna regains her focused resolve, and enters into the fields herself, ready to aide any who are in need.