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fan-Judgement Amumu by: Forere

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Candidate- Amumu
Date- Unknown


A small figure shuffled towards the marble staircase leading into the Institute. Entirely wrapped in bandages, the undead known as Amumu approached the base of the stairs, slowly repeating directions that had been given to him between sniffles. He took each step slowly, making a loud sob every third or fourth step, until he reached its end before the Great Hall.

The bandage trailing from his foot slipped over the marble floor, creating a unique echo. The sound, like most everything, brought tears to Amumu's eyes. He kept his gaze down to the floor as he approached the double doors of the Institute. Only when he stood before the doors did he look up to see an inscription. They were in characters he could not read. Even though he could not decipher its message, he understood it anyway:

The truest opponent lies within.

The doors swung open before the child. He stared into the darkness born from beyond the doors, but he did not move. He stood in silence, save a few sniffles, before he asked the darkness, "Hello?.... Is anyone here?" He received no response. He broke out into a loud sob as he turned around to leave, "Nobody wants to play with me. He said they wanted to play with me..."

Before taking the first step away, a voice came from the darkness, "Amumu? Is that you?"

He turned around to see the face of a fairly young man. Amumu asked, "Are you League of Legends?" The man chuckled, "No, no my friend, that's where you are. You're at the League."

Tears poured down his face again, "I'm... your friend?" With a nod, the man extended his hand to Amumu, who slowly took it. He told Amumu, "We're all waiting for you." As the two disappeared into the blackness of the Reflection Room, the doors slid shut behind them.


Amumu had walked through the darkness for a minute before realizing that his new friend was no longer holding his hand, nor was he there. Panicked, he looked around, searching, "Friend? Where'd you go?" The darkness brought no response. The sadness Amumu suffered became too great as he slumped to the floor, crying loud enough for the heavens to hear.

Minutes passed as Amumu sat in the darkness, wailing, until a pinprick of light started to dance in the distance. As it approached, Amumu calmed himself to a quiet sob and he reached out to the light to grab it. A firefly rested itself upon Amumu's outstretched finger, and as he became bathed in its warm light, Amumu brought it closer to his face, "Will you be my friend?"

The firefly suddenly spoke with human speech, but it didn't necessarily surprise the mummy. "Why do you cry child? Are you lost?" Amumu stifled a sniffle, "I don't know... I don't think I'm lost."

The firefly asked another question, "Then why have you come here?"

"He said there would be friends here. Friends who wanted to play with me.... No one wants to play with me...." The firefly lifted off of Amumu's finger, and Amumu's gaze followed it fixedly.

"Follow me. Let's play." Amumu sniffed, stood up, and replied, "Okay..."

Light erupted from the glow of the firefly, turning the darkness into the pyramids of Shurima Desert. The rising sun revealed a landscape that Amumu did not recognize. The pyramid before him was indeed the one he emerged from before setting off across the land, but the earth was more lush with oases scattered amongst the desertscape. A palace sat amongst the pyramids. Amumu began to feel a sense of being home, being where he belonged. The feeling was ripped away from him as fast as it had come as the firefly's voice told him, "Your past, like this palace, is doomed to die beneath these sands."

The morning skies grew dark. Clouds hovered angrily above the pyramids as they formed masses seething with lightning. Howling winds accompanied the symphony of despair as everything, save for the pyramids, were torn apart and buried beneath sand and rubble. As the scene became that which Amumu knew, the day he ventured from his crypt, the darkness returned and the light faded back into the firefly's shape.
The firefly spoke again, "Why do you wish to join the League?"

For the first time, Amumu didn't shed a single tear, "I want a home. I want friends. Friends who will play with me."

As the firefly faded from existence, another voice made itself known to Amumu, "How does it feel exposing your mind?"

"It makes me feel sad...." Amumu began, "but I think I'm alright with that." Light flooded the room, revealing the famous Fields of Justice. "Welcome home, Amumu."

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''are you league of legends.''

haha, well done

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If anyone has any issues with details, I'd appreciate some feedback, and I'll edit it up to be more "accurate"

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good read, lol