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Wish you didn't buy riot points?

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I wish I never did. I seriously rather go babysit 10 babies pooping every 2minutes for 10 hours for money and buy riot points to have to farm up 6300ip.

Even farming 1 decent champion takes for ever.

Now I totally understand why I quit during beta and came back almost 6 months later.

This game is a grind, horrible horrible grind. Wishing right now I bought wc3 or hon..

This game is feeling more like LOCO - one of those fail 3d asian company mobas.

Once I heard riot sold out or w/e they did to tencent or w/e they are called I took the time to go google the games they owned, realizing that most of the games that company dealt with had the most overpriced cash shops in existance and also the most inbalances.

I can see once one of the new high end dota games come out, a lot of riot employees will totally get snatched.

I only play 1-2 games a day now, it is pointless to play anymore.The fact is to be competitive on a high level, such as going to tournaments etc. You will either have

- No life
- Money
- No life + Money

This game is so bad (in its current form) - milkfat gave up even after you gave him bunch of free ****...

The fact is

You release no new maps, no fun stuff.

You released some **** that people do in custom games(all vs bots?) seriously go find something original. Id rather have seen a Riot ARAM mode over co-op

Currently there are too many games coming to fight against LOL - Darkspoore - dota 2 - dota 3000 - dota x 200202002

Blind monk can't even see the future of this game.

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the constant stream of 6300ip champs is really annoying seriously,
i would be fine if they took 3 weeks to release a champion as long as they worked on making them available for different ip prices.
i look forward to a new champion and then im like oh...6300...again

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ITT: ignorant alarmists