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Map Control and Awareness

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hmm... The video I referenced on that came out in Dec. 23 which was during V1.0.0.103. Since then Baron recieved buffs in V1.0.0.108: (Base health increased to 8000 from 6500, Magic resistance increased to 70 from 35, Damage increased by approximately 15%) This Patch came out a week or two before I posted this guide. I should have looked into that change a bit more...

Anyway, I was able to get a friend to help out and play a bot match with pure Mag pen runes and fed Shaco a decent amount by 13 min (6 kills). He went to Baron and placed his first JitB at 13:34. He was able to bring Baron to just under 1000 hp before he died. The moral of the story V1.0.0.108 made it so Shaco can no longer solo baron at 15min. I will update my guide to include this change.

BTW I still need people to help with 3v3 warding and 5v5 jungle warding. If you know about either of these things feel free to contact me in game or post here. (IGN: OddSquad).

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This is just great stuff.

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Bump and +1

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Good guide. Couple things:

"-Warding Dragon and Baron is a must. Do it. You never know when it will pay off."

Only at the appropriate levels and really, only if your team can capitalize. A lot of your guide is reliant that your team plays well together; like they think the same. If they do not you will not get there in time to save the buff and/or gank because their team has the small sight advantage. They know their teammate is going that direction. So if you head there they can come in and capitalize. This works if people play the same but you never know. I'm pretty sure we've all had teammates run reckless at baron or dragon once they saw the opposing team head over there. Since it would be scattered at baron instead of all arriving the same time they can pick you off. It's best to point out that most of you have to be there, or at least one less than the other team at least. Of course there are exceptions, depending on your level spread, item build and character chosen but mostly from a pure mathematical stand point you will want similar numbers for an advantage.

This guide is a great read for those in the 20-30 summoner level range in my opinion but 30s should know map awareness now if they have a decent win to loss ratio (50%+ wins). Generally its more about ward timing in my opinion. You could keep the lake warded at all times but generally I can see the map enough to know about how long it would take someone to return to their lane from a KO or shop. If they aren't, I'm on guard. If mid randomly disappears after killing all minions close to tower, I know mid might be coming to gank me unless I noticed they had low HP before the push/after they killed our mid. Wards at 125 each really add up and if you keep it warded 24/7 it could be quite costly if you have 2 damage dealers in a lane that need it to keep their lane in check.

I definitely agree that Junglers should be the first to get it, support second, then maybe a wiggles on a hybrid or pure tank. Some vision wards don't hurt on a tank or hybrid either. But melee or ranged will have a hard time putting it in their build. Sometimes you can't choose who is on your team. If you picked a DD early on as first pick then the rest of your team follows in kind you might be hard pressed if they accidentally feed early on or something.

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great guide! Even without wards and stuff, if people where just more aware of what is going on across the map, and dont get zoned in on their lane alone..it would mean winning more games and helping out teammates a lot.

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Thank you very much I've been looking for something like this! Very useful, now if only I wasn't always the only one buying.
Oh and btw

Sound On Hit:
Dr. Mundo- Cleaver: sound
Ezreal- Essence Flux; Trueshot Barrage
Kennen- Thundering Shuriken; Electrical Surge: if they have a charge on them
Nidalee- Javelin Toss
Sivir- Boomerang Blade
Swain- Nevermore
Urgot- Acid Hunter


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thanks that was very informative.

check out my teemo guide.