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Curious about some peoples logic

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On one hand, yes, having to rely on a metagame ability to win an in-game fight against a champion is decent ground to claim that said champion is overpowered. But, there are two points that counter it.

1) Ignite and Exhaust are great and popular summoner spells.
They're simple to understand, simple to use, and can very obviously change the outcome of low-level skirmishes. People would be taking these spells before you even bring Mundo or Tryndamere into the picture.

2) These spells counter their respective champions very effectively.
A proper application of the counter-spell on these champions completely nullfiy their defined role. Even if they are very powerful when not considering summoner spells.

When combined, a counter-argument appears.
"The game allows summoner spells, and your team should always carry an exhaust and an ignite because of their usefulness. This makes champions like Mundo and Tryn pretty terrible choices on a team, since they will be dominated by the common presence of these summoner spells."

Hope that helps explain things.

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Chairman Stalin

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Not Asleep:
Why is it, that when someone makes a thread considering a champion to be OP (Mundo or Tryndamere are both good examples) people say, "just use ignite, or just use exhaust." This is a completely unacceptable way to counter a champion. What is the logic in saying that you should take 1 out of 2 summoner spell slots to counter 1 out of 5 champions? When I hear people say "oh it's Mundo/Tryndamere someone take ignite/exhaust"
it doesn't make sense to me that because a champion takes a large hit by a certain summoner spell, they can effectively have twice the summoner spells that you have because they can take 2 spells they choose while you can only take 1, not to mention they can counter their your summoner spell along with other things by buying QSS or taking cleanse. When people talk about Alistar and how he needs ghost and flash to be viable, that means that he is summoner spell dependent and needs a buff? How about it being the same concept if a champion is chose by the other team, that makes your team summoner spell dependent to win teamfights.

Well tbh most teams will carry atleast one ignite or exhaust. Its not unreasonable to suggest people ignite the mundo or exhaust the tryndamere. And really speaking if you can shut down a champ with one summoner , said champ probably isn't very powerful.