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How to rune for caster heroes

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it depends, what item build you plan on making (pending how the game goes this will change though) and also what caster, example no need to get CD reduction for a heimer from runes because once you have say a deathfire grasp w his ulti you are pretty much as close to cd reduction as you will ever need to be so i shoot for marks (mag pen) seals (ap/lev) glyphs (ap/lev) and quints (flat ap). I usually dotn get hp runes on casters because i am never in front tanking dmg, always be in the backgroud or have an escape option (flash, a stun, exhaust etc.) ready on you, also if you are worried about hp and cd soulshroud is an awesome item that if you find yourself doing enough dmg can help out your entire team so in general i perfer to use my rune page to help out ap as much as possible

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Silent Reaper

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I Suggest

Red: Magic Penetration
Yellow: Dodge Rate
Blue: Ap or Cd Reduction
Quints, whateve you want, i'd say magic penetration, but its the same thing in the end....