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The Sewers of Zaun [Story]

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Something I've been thinking of writing for a very long time, I finally had the motivation to put something down. The character in the story is this fellow (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/34).

I sat back in my chair and looked at the Zaun woman seated across from me. With greasy black hair, pale white skin and slightly unfocused green eyes she was in a horrible state, her clothing and skin spotted in blood and worse fluids I didn’t care to examine. She wanted me to find her missing husband. She couldn’t be more then 20.
“Looks Mrs…what was your name sorry?” I asked
“Karath sir” She replied, the words coming out just a tad too fast, and slurred slightly.
“Mrs Karath, I don’t know what you heard or who you have been talking to, but I do not find missing persons. I am not an investigator, private or otherwise. I truly am sorry but…”
“I was told you could help me. I was told you would help me.” Her eyes took on a slightly manic look
“He works down in the sewers, hunting for treasures and such. The police won’t help me, they think he just had an accident bit I think that’s a load of…” she trailed off and stared into the distance for a while. I knew that look, the thousand yard stare. Soldiers get it after a war sometimes. Whatever had happened to this lady, it was bad. Horrifically bad. She started talking after about a minute.
“He knows those sewers sir, he’s been down in them almost his whole life. Best in the business. He doesn’t make mistakes. I think something happened to him.”
“Mrs Karath” I began “The Zaun sewers contain some of the most dangerous tunnels in Valoran, the streams of filth that traverse them contain the most toxic substances ever created and chemical runoffs that the city of Zaun could not find a direct use for. It is filled with mutants, monsters and shadow alone knows what else. I suspect…”
“I know all that sir, I know that. The police have been telling me that for the past three weeks to try and get me to shut up. But he knew about all that sir. He was good at his job.”
I got the feeling that she was trying to convince herself of that as much as she was me.
“And why exactly did you think I would help you?” I asked
“I was told you knew about magic. I was told you are extremely good at finding things”
“Yes I’m good at finding things, but not people” I began, but she stopped me
“People, things, only difference is one’s alive. I want you to help me Mr Magister. I want you to find my husband.”
She stared at me right in the eyes without blinking, something not many people could do. She stared for close to 30 seconds before, her eyes starting to water, she spoke again.
“And I want you to find my daughter.”
The next day I was looking down a sewer grate in lower Zaun.

Part two to come sometime this weekend. Feedback welcome.