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Ryze Overloaded

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I used to play Ryze with a lot of the same items they now recomend; Archangels, BV, Frozen Heart in particular. Then I found max AP and DFG were the best way to go. The idea was to max mana as to get Overload (Q) maxed out, like a magic sniper. The problem was the the cool down on overload was too long. I've only played one game with the new look, but the added range on all of his spells and the insane CD on overload makes him a great harasser. I was 2v1 in a lane against Trynd and Kat and I actually had them running from me.

Mana regen is a big thing. You can fire off overloads with extreme frequency so you need to rush a Tear of the Goddess. I went for sorc boots and Catalyst next but I was able to kite so well with the range and cool down on overload I'll get Boots of Swiftness next time. I don't know a great item combination at this point, however I can offer some general game play mechanics for his new skill set. Mana quintessences, flat mana reg seals(yellow?) and flat mana glyphs(blue?) and magic pen marks work the best with this strategy.

Ryze has a lot more range and the increased projectile speed of overload makes it prefect for a stick and move strategy. You want to keep them just out of range but keep your eye on their position. When they get in range take a pop shot. Once you get spell flux and rune prison you become one of the best harassers in the game. Just keep the pressure on. By level four you will have chipped off so much HP you can push the opposition out of the creep swarm. You own the lane at this point. As long as you don't run out of mana, no one will attack you. If they do they will probably die from overload... overload.

Mid game is where I used to dominate the most with the old Ryze. The style is a little different this time around with his ultimate not being the burst damage tesla coil it used to be. Have I told you about the skill overload? While I think the 75/150/225 mana gain is pretty weak since I had 3500 mana at level 18 before using my ult, the spell vamp and fast recast on overload will keep you alive long enough to stand and fight a lot of champions at this stage in the game (mid game), and win. Okay, not really standing, you have to move. If you have ghost, use the minions to help slow your enemy down and keep them off you. The old Ryze had to retreat until his cool down was over, and when he was low on HP he had to run. The trick at mid game is to fire your overloads at melee champions close to the front. Drawn them out. When you do that, two things will happen. Either your team will help gank or the enemy will close in on you and hit you. Use your Ult, spell flux, rune prison, get out of melee range and over load as many time as you can while the spell vamp is up. If they want to chase you, good. Kite them to death.

If they run, well I still wouldn't recommend chasing them. While the patch preview said he would be more like Ashe, he does not have a slow. The CD on Rune prison isn't fast enough to make it a viable chase option.

Ryze can work his way into a battle much quicker with the range increase. Spell flux is a decent debuff, but it no longer works as a damage dealer. He provides cover fire for initiators and tanks. The last thing a squishy burst champion wants is to get caught by rune prison. As always, its very important, in order to maximyze damage output with Ryze, you need to hold on to your spells until you have hit with the debuff. Its much easier to do now. By the end of the game, the enemy has caught on to the fact that your burst damage not as strong as it used to be. I was very surprised to see that I was not the main focus very often. One on one, Ryze can kill just about anyone now. In team fights though, his DPS is lacking. He is much harder to kill with a BV and Frozen Heart, maybe a RoA and crystal scepter. Keep them debuffed and rune prison those who try to run. Save you ult until the end of the fight. If your team won the fight and the enemy is running, chase! If you have flash or ghost you can get in a few shots with overload you will pick off the stragglers. That is why he is like Ashe. He will not hit nearly as often, but the shots are much bigger. I'm really liking the idea of a crystal scepter...

That's all for now.