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Ryze - Tatoo Master

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Ryze – The Tatoo Master

I/ Why play Ryze?
Ryze is a very powerful character to play even after the new patch, also he's a lot of fun to play with.

Here’s Ryze’s background which no one ever bothered about (seriously, it’s a brawl game, since when any stories matter?!?)

The halls of traditional study were never for Ryze, who felt a more raw and primal connection to the magic of Runeterra than those who tried to teach him. As a young man, he travelled the world, seeking the wisdom of powerful hermits, witches, and shamans. When he had learned all he could, Ryze turned to seek the lost, forgotten, and forbidden knowledge in the world. This led him to an ancient form of spellcraft known as thorn magic. This art required Ryze to tattoo spells on his body, infusing his being with vast arcane power. His travels also brought him to the giant indestructible scroll he carries on his back. The purpose of the inscribed spell is a secret only Ryze knows. However, he claims it is an abomination, something that he must safeguard from the world. Today, Ryze has joined the League of Legends to study the magical creatures and powerful will-workers that fight there, in order to complete his exploration of mystical Runeterra.

''There is no doubt. Ryze is no longer a mage - he has become a creature of magic.''

II/ Runes:
Mark: Magic Pen
Seal: Cooldown Reduct
Glyphs: Cooldown Reduct

III/ Summoner Spells:
Choose 2 out of these spells:
Ignite: Because after dishing out a massive burst, Ryze’s spells are on cooldown. You do not want your prey to run off with less than 100hp. Ignite gives your opponents the last bite of dessert after giving them the main course.

Flash: Ryze’s play style is most focus on element of surprise and flash gives you that. Flash in ult->prison>spellflux>overload get the kill then act cool and walk away will make your enemies fear your tattoos. Flash is also good for running away obviously.

Ghost: Ryze us very slow and barely have any running away ability except for rune prison. In addition, that speed increase allows you to chase down heroes that would likely get ahead of you like Yi or Teemo. Also, Ryze presence in a gank fight is very crucial so that speed increase would actually help your team turn the tide. However, Teleport is also a viable choice if you want but it won’t give you that escape mechanism which I will explain later on.

IV/ Masteries:
Standard caster’s build with all of its goodies.

V/ Item:

Itemization plays a very very huge part on how Ryze's playstyle. So far there’s two major Ryze build I’ve seen: AP and Cooldown Reduction. This guide I’ll only focus on the AP Ryze because I enjoy the burst capability he has.

This is what I usually do

First: Sapphire Crystal and 2 hpots
-> Catalyst the Protector
->Sorcerer's Shoes
->Finish Rod of Ages

From here there’s 2 ways:

+ If you seem to be ganking with lots of success get Mejai's Soulstealer then go grab Lich’s bane asap ( those AP stacks+your ult will give combo some additional Lich’s bane proc) and then get Zhonya's Ring.

+ If the tide of the battle is not in your favor get Deathfire Grasp and then Zhonya's Ring (deathfire grasp will give you a good 15% Cooldown Reduce and most importantly that 30% health damage (+3.5% per 100AP) will likely guarantee your prey to stay down after a full burst combo)

After that, buy whatever you feel needed. I usually get Abyssal Scepter, Void Staff or even another Rod of Ages if the game is going longer.

Whatever you do, get Zhonya's Ring since it's an amazing item made literally for Ryze.

VI/ Game time:

Early game:

For your first spell, get Overload instead of Rune Prison because 0.5 stun really doesn't do much. Ryze doesn't have much laning capability because his Spell Flux is very weak without any AP boost so you gotta play a bit defensively. Around lvl 3,4 you can harass your opponent with RP->SpellFlux->Overload combo(remember to do SpellFlux first because it reduce your target MR by 15) and prevent them from pushing too far in your lane. Try laning with someone with someone that has laning capabilities so in later lvl when you're ganking, your tower doesn't explode because your lane buddy have to recall and heal. In any cases, try to preserve your mana and stay on your lane as long as possible(a oom Ryze is a dead Ryze), if you see opportunity for mid gank call it out. Don't die till you're lvl 6.

Mid game:

Golem Buff, golem buff and more golem buff. That 25% + 8%(Masteries) + 5-7%(Runes) cooldown reduction makes Ryze a beasts. In addtion, your Deathfire Grasp would definitely cap 40%. Because you're sacrificing Cooldown Reduction for AP, getting Golem Buff would compensate that almost completely and allow you to steamroll everyone, I'm not even kidding. Rune prison cooldown is 14. With 40% cooldown reduction it will be 14 - 14*40/100= 8.4 seconds. Due to the Ryze’s new passive, casting 3 other spells would make it go down to 5.4 seconds, time to caster all 3 spells should be around 1 second so that will be 4.4 seconds. Retreat for 4.4 seconds then return for the second coming. PWNED. Remember... get GOLEM!!!

When you get to lvl 6, fake that you need to recall and heal, the best way to do this imo is throw spells at their champ but don’t go too far, let the mobs hit you a bit then run away. Be careful, because you don’t want the real thing to happen. Then go whatever lane you need to go to organize gank. I usually gank mid if the opponents are getting too many minion kills. When their hero is about to die but manage to get back to their towers, Ignite them or Flash in throw an Overload then Ghost away. Remember Ryze isn’t a lane dude, so try to be unpredictable like Twitch and appear randomly at ganks. If you’re 1v1, make sure your Summoner Spell’s are available, because you will chase people down and their teammates are going to get you and you want to hit and run. You don’t always have to kill someone after a burst combo because your cooldowns are quick and you’ll be on top again very quickly, since you don’t have any escape ability but your Summoner’s Spell (Rune Prison is used during combo) it better to be safe than sorry. At the end of midgame you should be able to at least finish your Rod of Ages and get Boot.

Late game:

You'll be awesome and can take down a screen of minions in 2 seconds. Do not be affraid to use your ult whenever you need it.
Late game Ryze makes Yi and Twitch useless. You are an anti-carry and you want to stay a bit back during gank, you can throw some rune prison or spell flux but save your ult for the carry. You move in when you see their carry jumping in the group. Most carry in the beginning would completely ignore health item for damaging item which would result a champ who do 0 dps because he’s dead when playing against Ryze. It’s very hard for Annie to counter Twitch because she relies so much on that stun which is not always available but Ryze have Rune Prison and can take down that Twitch in 2 seconds. I saw lots of Ryze wasted their ult on tanks and support because they can’t stand doing nothing. Here’s what I do, I burst then retreat, cooldowns up, then burst and retreat. If someone spot you as a threat, the you gotta retreat all the way to let your teammates handle him but in any case Ryze is still very dangerous and no one would want to face Ryze alone. However, you do not want the game to last over 45 minutes because everyone would have sufficient health to withstand 1 Ryze burst combo, so you gotta keep those pressure on and don’t let them farm too much. And remember GOLEM!!!

Here’s a good combo I like to do:
Rune Prison-> Ult-> Deathfire’s grasp-> Spell flux-> Overload
This rotation would like to do around 1.6 damage at least at 200AP. And try to do this chain in less than 2 seconds because your Ult is 6 seconds duration, if you’re quick you can use your ult again with Spell flux->Rune prison-> Overload combo.

Another thing:
Ignore Poppy, ask for lane switch. Her stupid passive would make all Ryze spell useless. This character must be balanced soon.

Thank you for reading this far, I would love any constructive criticism in any form and I’ll update this guide whenever possible. Good luck and have fun

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