Issue with Purple Screen Angle

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BEFORE you just tell me "There's another thread for this", I know there are 8 billion threads about this. However, I'm focusing a little more on my inability to focus on combat with the camera as is, and how I feel that ties into my ADHD and how Locked Camera can alleviate the strain.

Yes, I play with a locked camera most of the time.
"omg how can u us lux alt"
Sure, keeping your camera locked during Lux's ult would suck. But then you just press y and move the camera to your target to aim. NO problem.
"Dude, you can't see half of the battle with screen locked." Unlock it, again. I situationally unlock my screen when playing blue for those times that I need it. Keeping it locked makes it easier for me to do quite a few things.

However, when I'm moving around, I keep the camera locked. Early game, I keep it locked. I don't know if it's my ADHD, or my hatred for RTS games in general, but playing with a permanently unlocked camera is pretty difficult for me. And I rarely feel compelled to unlock the screen when playing as blue team. But when I'm playing as purple team, I feel as though I need to see myself from Blue team's perspective...

And that right there says to me that Blue team may have an advantage, or I may just be inexperienced. But I find it easier to last hit and track enemies when I'm playing locked.
"No, dude, then you're aiming at moving targets as opposed to static ones."
I trust my ability to hit moving targets MUCH more than I trust my ability to move the screen, my champion, the skillshot aim, and etc. at the same time. Just tracking a moving target with my mouse and hitting them is, again, easier. My personal player preference.
"omg go play an fps noob"
Fair point, yeah, but I enjoy League just as much as any other player. I just dread playing on purple team.

Now I know there's a basis of fact here. I know that the camera is at an angle, and I know that the angle, and centering of the camera, causes the screen to show less of the blue team's area when locked on a champion.
"Once again, just play unlocked."
But I have that issue with paying attention to that many things at once. It's more difficult for me, and the problem is only exaggerated when my ADHD medication wears off.

"We shouldn't have to change our game for retads."

Honestly I've gotten this response before, and you guys have a point when you say this, but it'd be nice if it was changed.

So here's the thing: League is a 3D game, but its grid functions in 2D. I know that. But if the game is in full 3D (and I've seen the angle rotate around on other viewers), then why not enable the player to look at the game from any angle? Yes, it'd take some work. However, look at Company of Heroes. You can rotate the screen in any direction in that game, and it works well. We all know that it would work in League, but it seems that people just needlessly resist change. At least try it out in beta.
"Players would have issues communicating."
Cop out. The minimap rotates too, and suddenly you ping in relation to you and everything makes sense.
Baron/Dragon, it's been proposed in many other threads.

I know that many people feel that players who play with camera locked are just bad at the game, but I don't think that's the case. However, I think that many MOBA games are just designed around unlocked camera players, and because of a lack of features supporting those who play with a locked camera, we are at a disadvantage. And yes, we know to unlock the screen when we're aiming a long-range ult or looking at a turret or teamfight far away. We're not morons, we just prefer to play one way because it works better for us, as unlocked camera works better for you. It's honestly very draining and frustrating to play unlocked because of how difficult it is to concentrate on it for me. It'd be a quality of life upgrade to either allow us to flip the camera, or rotate it at any angle. Players could play as they pleased. Hell, they could play with 2D view if they wanted. And that would be okay.

I've tried unlocked camera for 10 games straight, and I cannot do it. I function better with a locked camera, and this is a fact. Sorry, not sorry. We understand that you all think it's better if we play with the camera unlocked, but hey. YOU wouldn't have to rotate your screen. If the mini map and the screen rotated simultaneously, I honestly don't see an issue other than laziness or a resistance to change. Viewing angle may be difficult to mess with, but there's a large enough outcry to warrant trying it.

Finally, if you're going to test it in the beta, at least make sure you have players who are interested in better camera controls in the beta as well, not just a bunch of "omg noobs u cant play league lololoolloollolll!!11!@" players (Who I seem to be encountering quite a bit lately).

Edit: So I just found the compilation thread, and linked it here. Didn't feel like copying and pasting the wall of text, it's a bit disruptive.