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I want to know about Heimer!

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A Bad Idea

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I've got just a few questions about Heimer for all you good Heimer players out there.

- How does Heimer play mid? It seems hard to keep pressure on a single enemy since they don't have to worry about you having a partner to protect your turrets. Having to rebuild turrets every time they get shot down is expensive and impractical!

- How does Heimer push? His turrets + upgrade powers suggest that he should play defensive and build a blockade of red turrets.

- Where do you place your turrets for the highest efficiency? I can't seem to find a formation that can survive safely in a lane without getting nuked to death! Is there perhaps a video demonstration or a diagram I could follow for visual reference?

-How in the name of science do you fight Ashe?

What say you, fellow intellectuals? Help an inventor out!

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Heimer in his current form is easily a contender for the best solo mid. He is also one of, if not the easiest, hero to play properly. He's mostly there to shut out the other teams solo mid while crazy outfarming them.

You fight ashe the same way heimer fights any other solo. You stay out of their range and spam rockets on them.

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good heimers dont even spec turrets until later. Heimer does well mid mainly due to grenade and missle spam. Missles have longer range then Ashe's volley and you don't even need to target. Learn to abuse it.

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Hej A Bad Idea

If u wanna play mid, U best start off at early game with placing 2 cannons just a bit more to your side. As soon as the minions have respawned U just started killing the creeps by standing BEFORE ur turrets. Make sure u get your rockets ASAP level 2 so u can use them as soon as Ashe comes close to u.

Pushing is indeed not the best way of using Heimer, but what u could do is placing rows of 3 turrets and push on and on and on+ DONT forget U can use your grenade on turrets! this is always a nice bonus hit


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Basically like they say...

Start like so:
1. Grenade
2. Rocket
3. Grenade
4. Rocket
5. Turret
6. Ulti
7. Grenade

and so on.

Early on you want mana regen and cdr. Mid to late game you start getting AP to make things hurt more.

Grenades cool down is really low, learn to target them, get good at aiming where they're going to dodge to, etiher beside, or behind them usually.

Also remember that grenades can damage towers.

The reason for turret + ulti at 5/6 is that you can go offensive with an instant green turret that way.

Say you're chilling in mid and want to push the tower a bit, you've got a full wave of creeps and are about to hit their tower. You can run up and green turret in tower range so it gets extra hits on the tower, as well as grenade the incoming minion wave so they're blinded, there-by allowing your minions to live longer.

The green turret drop also works if/when you get jumped. Say 2 heroes jump out of the bushes and try to hump you. (usually jax, nidalee, etc). You drop a grenade instantly, blinding and (if you're lucky) stunning them, and then also drop the green turret right away. Then proceed to walk away from your tower a little bit so they chase, but still get hit with your turret. When they're near the edge of range, use flash to go backwards to your turret and head back towards your tower. This will get your turret a ton of hits and cause most gank attempts to fail. Also during that time you can get 1-2 rocket shots off (1 initially either immediately before or immediately after putting up your turret, and then a second one after flashing on your way back past your turret)

Obviously that tactic will work better when your AP is higher for a better dmg turret, but I'm sure you get the idea. (Also won't work without flash, but heimer is slow and imo he needs flash... I've gotten many kills from using it).

If you're unsure on runes, go with some combination of mana regen and cdr.


/edit -- if you don't understand green turret drops, it's just dropping a turret and instantly using upgrade on it. It's the bees' knees.