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[Guide] Shaco: Why so serious? [part 1]

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After reading a number of Shaco guides (some helpfull, some not so helpfull) I realised, like some others also have, that there is no right way to build Shaco, but, there are 3 ways in which, in my opinion, you can maximise his skills, so here is a small guide to Shaco the Demon Jester!

General information:

With each of these builds I would always go Teleport/Flash, why? Because, as I read somewhere, double blink is gay, and teleport makes it even easier to gank all over the map, or lane without downtime.

Another piece of info that works with all of these builds (atleast in the begining) Shaco is very squishy, if you don't like beeing scared of towers and having to be sneaky or quick on your feet from time to time, stop reading.


The goal of building this shaco is abusing his Deceive-crit to deal massive amounts of damage on your first hit after you've turned invisible.

Your priority should be like this:

Deceive>Two-Shive>Halucinate>Jack In The Box

You start off like this:

Boots of speed
2x Health pot
1x Mana pot

This should give you enough mobility and regen to land your first kill, his burst is already pretty strong in the begining and if you've got a lane partner that can stun/snare then it's a done deal.
Use the pots (and maybe hiding from time to time to regen) to stay and farm till you reach level 6 (shaco is not a farmer but you can get in some last hits here and there).

At which point you will go back and buy:
Boots of mobility/Boots of Swiftness (If you can afford it already)

Why sheen? It's an enourmous increase in your burst damage, yes I know it doesn't crit, but that's ok, for now this is enough damage.

Continue laning, lvling up and last hitting, at this point you can set up some ganks, remember Shaco's poison slows like hell so if there's someone with stun and you run in, it's a done deal.

After farming / ganking for a bit you should go for:

Boots of mobility/swiftness (if you haven't already)
Infinity edge
Last Whisper /Blood Thirster (depends on the amount of armor in the other team)

When you reach infinity edge (which stacks on your crit-Deceive) everything is just luxery, you should be 2 hitting squishy's and if someone's getting away throw your shiv at them.

I've gone 15/2/7 on average with this build, I find it do be descent but not the best Shaco build!
I will however continue my tale with two other Shaco builds, revealing which one I find the best!

Hope it helps,