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Corki: I fly an airplane, zoom zoom!

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First guide! Yay! I'm going to share what I've learned playing Corki.

Corki is:
-One of the best mids in the game. No, seriously, Ashe? Cake. Twitch? First blood.
-The road to a penta-kill if you have any other physical dps with you later on. The armor reduction is amazing.
-A good laner, too, but don’t expect to carry TOO hard if you lane, unless you get first blood.
-An anti-carry. Anyone that relies on auto-attack will die at the nose of Corki's airship.
-A ganker. His dps and burst are actually pretty darn high.
-THE anti-stealther, as well as a counter to vision wards if a stealther is on your team.
-Harasser extraordinaire. Seriously, AoE missiles with a bigass range, 1.5 second cooldown? Yes, please!

Corki is NOT:
-An anti-caster.
-Easy to play well against smart people.
-Good AT ALL against any form of stun. Again, squishy.


So, you have Corki. Maybe you bought him. Maybe you got him for free. Either way, you fly an airplane now. Zoom mother****** zoom. Corki is quite possibly the best carry in the game, and will make people rage at you through allchat.

This build is for physical dps Corki. I tried mage corki out, and honestly hated it. The only two spells he uses are his ult and phos bomb, and his ult resets upon death, so when corki goes down he stays down for a while. Even if they didn't, that makes corki a slow nuke. He spams his missiles, most of which are likely to miss against a smart person, and then has to wait over 1:30 to get another seven. Even with lich bane, that makes him a squishy nuke that has NO crowd control and can be focused and taken care of quickly. Physical damage is much more reliable and supported, seeing as autoattack costs 0 mana. On top of that, mage corki falls very far short late game, whereas corki is strong enough early and midgame without AP.

I will be keeping this guide up-to-date with the patches. When looking for a corki guide every single one was from previous updates and contained generally inaccurate information.

This guide is me and me alone, how I choose to play Corki. I am making this both to help out anyone who bought or is using him and to help widen my view on possible builds for him (I don't know a single other Corki player!). What I have tried has worked for me.


All data is taken directly from the official website, so please note me on any inaccuracies.

Passive: Hextech Shrapnel Shells: Corki's base attacks deal 10% additional true damage to minions, monsters, and champions. This damage stacks onto the damage you do and is not mitigated by anything but immunity. So, if you hit them for 180, you see a small 18 damage done at the same time. Pretty useful, and another push towards DPS Corki.

Q - Phosphorous Bomb: Corki drops an AoE white powdered bomb, dealing damage to the area, Giving all units inside a 35% chance to miss, and revealing any stealthed units in the location.
Damage: 80/130/180/230/280
Mana Cost: 90/100/110/120/130
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
AP Ratio: 0.5 damage per AP
Range: 600

I love this skill. Level this up first. You will be doing 130 damage plus an autoattack or two while they run for their lives, AT LEVEL 3.
This reveals any stealthed units. I cannot count how many teemos thought they could gank me in the very middle of mid once I got low health while leeching experience, only to be on the giving end of First Blood. You can use this to reveal wards to help stealthers. You can use this to reveal and subsequently nuke stealthers. You can use this to reveal Teemo's mushrooms, which you can 2-shot (1 at higher levels) for TWENTY-FIVE GOLD APIECE. You will harass the **** out of anyone who decides to get anywhere near you with this. The only downside is its high mana cost, which will leave you out of mana if you don’t ration it. Did I mention its use against any physical carry to make them miss 1 out of 3 attacks? Its only counter is sword of the divine.

W - Valkyrie: Corki soars through the air, raining fiery death on the ground below the straight line he flies in. Enemy units present in the area of fiery death take damage per second.

Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 per second
Mana Cost: 100 Mana
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12s
AP ratio: 0.4 damage per AP

This is almost a blink. Almost. Valkyring out of Ashe's ult is HARD, and as I said before, it is a stun so you will quickly die if anyone is there to pound on you. The damage along the path you take is enough to bar most tower divers, but then again if you are getting tower dived, they want you dead and they want you dead NOW. You can juke across some walls with this, but it’s a directional spell so you have to be pretty darned close to the wall in order to do it. (You hear that RIOT, make it work like tristana’s rocket jump!)
Honestly, I’ve found myself using this aggressively more than anything. As I said, corki’s dps is very high so if an enemy sees you surge in, pop phosphorous bomb making them inferior to you, and then gatling gun and missile to do even MORE damage, I don’t think they will want to stick around, and you just took off a good half of their hp….you win, unless they stick and fight, in which case it’s a battle to the death (and you’ll probably come out alive)

E - Gatling Gun: Corki's gatling gun fires at all targets in front of him for a period of time, dealing a quarter of his total damage every half second and shredding 1/2/3/4/5 armor with each shot. The armor reduction persists as long as the enemy is under continuous fire.
Duration: 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds
Mana Cost: 60/75/90/105/120
Cooldown: 16 seconds

Not much to say about this. If you stack attack damage, these basically become 50% increased auto attack damage without the armor reduction, and if you normally hit for 200 then that’s 100 damage per second to an AoE cone in front of you. YES. Also, no AP scaling.

R - Missile Barrage: Corki fires a missile directly from hell itself, exploding on impact with the first enemy non-tower unit it collides with for full AoE damage in a small radius. Every 4th missile will have a small Karthas ultimate infused, doing extra damage. They are called “Big Ones”
Damage: 125/200/275 (+0.3 per Ability Power)
Mana Cost: 23/30/35
Cooldown: One second.
Range: Far. Seriously, you could outrange spray n pray and then some. The missile also goes a deal further than the actual skill border.

This is Corki’s signature move, and the reason he’s hated so much. These buggers travel far. You will outrange towers. You will hit people trying to hide behind minions (They will have to back up further). You will harass an entire team of 5 down to half health in 10 seconds. You will chase down ANY runner at less than 500 health. You are a gank MACHINE.

All the positive fluff aside, this also makes you one of the top DPS in the game. They also cost almost no mana, making you able to use them even when unable to do anything else. You will need to aim these carefully, because they hit like very much like Mundo’s cleaver. At a 1 second cooldown, this takes time and practice to do, especially to hit every missile. Don’t give up! Corki is a very good hero.

Some limitations are that you run out if you spam them. You’ll be wanting to save them for a prime moment, like Annie’s stun. Unfortunately, unlike Annie’s stun, there is no tooltip. You will have to count. Again, this is hard to do if you are a beginner. It becomes second nature after enough games. A good idea would be to use the first three to farm if you already have seven, to save up for the big one in case a lot of damage is needed, and fast. Don’t be scared to farm with these either if you’re forced back to your tower.

They go through walls. They GO through WALLS. THEY GO THROUGH WALLS. You can harass ACROSS A WALL. You can finish off people trying to confuse you (I remember one game I got a teemo to 300 hp who then ran into the bushes across across a rather thin wall at mid. I fired one blind big one, killed him, then did a victory dance).

Side node I forgot to include (Thanks Aratrok!) - You can tell how many missiles you have by checking your status. It will show a missile icon and then if you mouse over it will say how many you have left.

1: Either Valkyrie or Phosphorous bomb, depending on how many stuns they have.
2: The one you didn’t get the first time.
3: Phosphorous Bomb. You’re hitting for 130 a pop, and are feared.
4: Gatling Gun
5: Phosphorous Bomb.
6: Missile Barrage.
7: Phosphorous Bomb.
8: Gatling Gun.
9: Phosphoous bomb.
From then on the skill priority is:
First, your Ulti.
Second, Gatling Gun.
Third, Valkyrie.

SUMMONER SPELLS: I personally like clarity and either heal or rally.

Flash: A double blink will make you unkillable, but it's far from a "get this or die" spell
Clarity: Very good if you like harassing with your Phosphorous bomb. If the enemy team is aware that corki is almost useless at low mana, a surprise clarity can turn a gank into a kill. This also prolongs your laning ability to an EXTREME amount, letting you get even more gold and experience inbetween shopping trips.
Teleport: Always a good choice, adding extra versatility to an already good hero. Get this if there is a teemo on your team, and you can teleport to an unpopped shroom right after they tried to tower dive a lane.
Exhaust: For all you gank-happy First Blooders out there, and a good follow-up to or from Phosphorous bomb.
Ignite: The recent buff makes this a viable choice, but aside from an early game kill and the healing reduction, why even take it if your missiles go THREE TIMES AS FAR?
Heal: Obviously good, for obviously good reasons. Get this if you're having trouble with harassment.
Rally: Always good, if you know when to pop it. The cooldown forces wise decisions or death, and corki’s physical damage is excellent on top of it. Good for emergency healing or turning a harassment into a kill. NOTE: With the recent buff I believe minions are affected by rally as well, gaining 30 or so increased damage, turning them into turret busters.
Ghost: For the chaser that won’t stop.
Cleanse: Good choice if you’re in the high ELO and carrying.
Smite: I haven’t tried jungling Corki yet, but I don’t think it would be viable. Good for stealing a baron at a crucial moment, but not much else.

All the other spells are rather self-explanatory.

ITEMS: All of these item's make Corki scarier.

Sheen: Getting this turns your spells from mild harrassment to OH GOD RUN AWAY RUN AWAY. By the time you get this very few people will be able to look you in the eye for more than 5 seconds without falling over DEAD.

Trinity Force: Everything Corki needs, but a tad expensive and not too damage-heavy. The sheen buff is what makes it worth it, so turn that 5 seconds into 4.

Infinity Edge: You know that 10% extra damage? combine that with 250% crit camage and it becomes 275%. You can't ignore that.

Black Cleaver: Where did their armor go? People will search their living areas as they wait to respawn.

Frozen Mallet: If you don't have lizard, this is the next best thing. This will give you loads of health and make sure no one can run crying to mommy, pass go, and collect 200 dollars.

Malady: Meh. The lifesteal is nice and so is the attack speed, but the only reason to get this is because the 5 damage procs off of gatling gun.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: This is invaluable now. Get this. At 8 stacks you become a turret buster, a slayer of the fleeing, and suddenly you went AP? When did this happen?

Madred's Bloodrazor: I personally haven't tried it, but am including it because it's generally awesome.

Banshee's Veil: This gives it to him and protects him from all manners of nasty spells, with a tinge of magic resist.

Frozen Mallet: See above

Guardian Angel: YAY, we killed their carry! Wait, ****.

Berzerker's Greaves: Attack speed. Yes.

Mercury's Treads: The survivability this provides is invaluable.

Boots of Mobility: This is yours if you feel like ganking.


I will be covering the main item builds I use or have used for Corki, and the reasons for them. I am going to give only core guides, seeing as Corki has no cookie cutter build and often needs to react to the situation in order to keep equal footing, unlike any other easy hero.

1: Basic carry guide: This is a basic one-size-fits-all Corki guide.

1: Mana Crystal + 2 health pots. You are going to be rushing Sheen.
2: Sheen. Good burst damage, harassing capability, all around a good item.
3: Berzerker’s Greaves. Attack Speed, movement speed. You will be hitting faster. That is good.
4: Zeal/Phage. Zeal if you’re losing for the movement speed, Phage if you’re winning for the slow.
5: Phage/Zeal. Whichever one you didn’t get the first time.
6: Trinity force. Everything the first three had, and then some. A good solid item.
7: Black Cleaver/Infinity edge. The black cleaver stacks with gatling gun, which makes you a threat to tanks and a catastrophe to squishies. Infintiy edge if not many of them have armor, and you want many crits.
8: Infinity Edge/Black Cleaver. Whichever you didn't get last time.

2: Support Carry Core guide, in case you already have a carry like Sivir.

1: Mana Crystal + 2 Health Pots. Turn these into Sheen.
2: Berzerker’s Greaves. Attack speed, move speed.
3: Frozen Mallet. This is where the carry starts thanking you. If you can slow them, they can kill them. Even more impressive is the +700 health. By the time you get into lategame, you should be rocking 2500 and not an ideal focus target. That’s a bad choice on their part, you may not be the carry but you can unload a basketful of damage.
4: them, and you’ll be doing some pretty good damage as well.
5: Black Cleaver. Armor reduction, that is all.
After this you might want to get a stark’s if no one else has one, or some other good support item like aegis. Again, adapt to the situation.

3: Hard Carry Build, with extra squishiness!

1: Doran’s Shield. This is for survivability, the ability to lane longer, the hp, the regen, the armor, and the overall ability to farm. You should carefully analyze whether harassing is worth the mana or not, your lane partner, and the people whom you are laning against. You are supposed to be a cold calculating death machine that knows when to fall back, and the meager amount of hp you lose naturally will replenish back in a minute or so.
2: Boots of Speed. Turn these into boots of choice if you want. This is just so you can get back to farming later on.
3: Infinity Edge. Yes, you are going to be rushing this. You will suddenly start doing much more damage, and your gatling gun will be hitting like a truck. You will be feared by all, but most importantly focused on, so watch yourself! Upgrade your boots next if you haven’t already.
4: Sheen. It’s about time you got this, and at this early in the game the double damage HURTS!
5: Black Cleaver/Last Whisper. Both are solid choices, but LW is more situational if they have an armored tank/carry like malphite, or if one of them has a frozen heart, if they have Nasus, and so on and so forth. Black Cleaver will add more armor reduction resulting in more damage from gatling gun and your autoattack.
The rest is adapting to the situation. Veil if they have plenty of stuns, more damage if they don’t, Frozen Mallet if they run, etc.

I-never-ever-ever-die carry build.

1: Mana Crystal + 2x health
2: Catalyst. Try to get this before 7 if you can. Focus on farming this first, as it will be your guide to more farming.
3: Mercury's Treads. You now have much more survivability, especially against people like teemo and morgana.
3: Guinsoo's Rageblade. With the recent buff, you can't afford not to get this item. This alone will give you around 100 ability power and 24% attack speed at 8 stacks, which have a number of uses: Finishing off runners with "Holy **** when did he get that powerful" missiles, and since AP adds to attack damage towards buildings, turrets. You are now a turret buster.
4: Finish Banshee's Veil. You are now in hard carry mode, and can take a few hits. You're still squishy as **** though, just immune to the occasional nuke.
5: Infinity Edge/Black Cleaver/Bloodthirster. Whichever fits the situation in all honesty. If you've gotten this far in the game without winning, you're going to want as much DPS as possible to become the biggest threat.


Early Game: This will comprise of levels 1-6. You should conserve at least some of your mana, and harass with phosphorous bomb if you feel like being a bit aggressive. Farm as much as possible, but damage any physical carry that gets too close. A 35% miss chance and a chunk of your health gone will likely get them to either back down or be stupid and die. Again, focus on farming. Once you get your ultimate, you become an entirely new entity now capable of harassment much farther beyond your previous capabilities. You are more mage than anything right now, and will be until you get your damage items.

Midgame: This will be from level 6 to the end of the laning phase. You now have significant reason to harass, and go for the kill. You can drop people’s hp to less than half without even getting close enough for them to hit you. Watch out for MIA’s, and enemy ults as well. This is where experience comes in handy, as you can score plenty of kills right about now.

Lategame: From the end of the laning phase onward. You should now be sticking with the team. Your goal is going to be phosphorous bombing their carry and burning him down with your amazing dps, or shredding the armor of their tank. Either way, as long as you are not focused on and generally feared, you should be doing well. Be careful though, you are a valuable member of your team and can generally take towers down without much difficulty if none of the enemy team is there. Remember that you still have powerful and useful spells, and can harass at a level equal to that of Janna.


Ashe: Very easy to go against, especially if she has no lifesteal. Watch out for her ultimate, because it can end up in you being dead. Aside from the ult, at pretty much any point in early/midgame you can outdps her.

Fiddlesticks: Just focus on farming. That crow is an *******. And he can drain back any hp you chip off of him. He can fear you out of anything, and his ult is like surprise death. If he knows what he’s doing, you’re not likely going to get a kill on him until mid/late game.

Sivir: Probably Corki’s only solid even. If she has rally, try to harass her when her spell shield is on cooldown, because in a 1 on 1 fight to the death, the outcome is unfortunately not clear, rally or not.

Teemo: Easy, unless they know both Teemo and Corki inside and out. This is not likely. I have only been beasted by teemo once, and apparently he was a tournament player. The mushrooms are a nice touch, seeing as phos bomb + 2 hits = 25 free gold and a dead mushroom. Careful for them still though, and get ready to be blinded if you try to fight with him.

Twitch: Easy to kill, he will run from you if you get onto the offense. Watch out for spray n pray, and if you can catch him stealthed, steal a hit or two. Once you get your ult you will begin dominating him. You are a counter to twitch.

Twisted Fate: His wild cards and stun are a *****, I would suggest focusing mainly on dodging his wild cards and farming when you can. Run when he has his stun, because it’s also a free wild card hit, and it’ll be off cooldown soon again. If you think you can take him, be my guest, but if he knows his stuff you're likely losing mid.

Tristana: Be wary of your hp, and don't let her harass you. When she hits 6, she's probably already scheduling your funeral, so dont let yourself get below half.

Annie, or any nuker for that matter: Haven't played against them mid, but I would suggest hitting them when you can, staying generally out of range, and trying to outfarm them while harassing when possible.

Any melee champion: You win, unless it's AP mundo. Ha.

Anyone not mentioned in the mid guide I have not played against at mid or have little experience playing against.


Corki is an amazing hero to play. He is easy to do OK with, hard to do well with, and unbelievably difficult to be legendary with. He is a well thought out mage DPS hybrid, seeing as he plays a mage early on no matter what build. People can call him overpowered, but after having played him enough and learning each of his weaknesses, I would say he’s very balanced. I dislike him being free, but I can see why riot would do it. I wrote this guide both as a challenge to myself, to help people learn him, and for backup influence on what I say regarding him (see earlier posts). I hope you enjoyed reading this, or parts of it, and have a nice day!

EDIT 1.1: Added Guinsoo's in, item discussion, and more mid choices.

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Have you never laned against annie mid? Also, it's spelled Greaves, not Graves. Also, I often play corki as a carry, and I'd have to say, getting a trinity force does not set you back as a carry at all.

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Have you never laned against annie mid? Also, it's spelled Greaves, not Graves. Also, I often play corki as a carry, and I'd have to say, getting a trinity force does not set you back as a carry at all.

Thanks for the feedback! I've corrected the spelling errors. As far as Trinity force is concerned, I think it's an excellent item for corki, but that's an extra 2000 gold you're throwing around on items that don't really affect his damage at all, and instead of the phage I sometimes get frozen mallet instead for the guaranteed slow. This entire guide is based off of opinions, and it's actually really nice talking to another Corki player (They're so rare!)

Also, I have never laned against annie mid. I imagine she would be absolute hell for corki though, but not unbeatable. I've laned duo against her and cho'gath, and that turned out well for me.

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Beegly Boogs

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Corki is very easy to play well.

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Ponies Gonna Pwn



By the way, you can tell how many missiles you have. The tooltip for the passive effect shows "x#" by it, for how many missiles you're currently holding.

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He's not talking about how many missiles you have, but how many you have until you shoot off a big one. Corki is definitely one of my favorite characters, but I am first and foremost an Annie player. I usually run with flash and ignite, and if I haven't killed who I'm laning against by lvl 6, expect to die as soon as I hit six. You jump at them, drop tibbers, throw the other two spells, and ignite. It's lights out from there. Can you think of a way for corki to counter that?

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What can you reccomend for mid vs casters like Annie or Veigar, also what about tristana?

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What can you reccomend for mid vs casters like Annie or Veigar, also what about tristana?

For casters, I have no idea. Veigar isn't a real challenge, you can defintely take him out before he takes you out. For Annie, I would just play in her face, most aren't willing to use their spells until they have a stun, and most would rather play last hit the creeps than really try to hurt anyone. Against someone who plays Annie aggressively though, you just have to make sure you can hurt her more than she hurts you when she decides to come in. Against tristana, your phosphorous bombs are your friend. She'll miss a lot of her attacks. When she jumps on top of you, make sure you valkyrie right over her, guaranteeing she'll be standing in it for a little bit, and just nuke away. She shouldn't hurt too bad when she misses so many shots. Also, if you can get her in front of you when you valkyrie backwards, it also helps prevent you from getting hit with buster shot towards her tower. A common mistake I see is players will overextend themselves far too often. Just because your opponent is low, doesn't mean it's a good idea to attack them when it's not advantageous.

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Corki is free now, and people see to be asking for advice. SO, Shameless bump!

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First guide! Yay! I'm going to share what I've learned playing Corki.

Tristana: Be wary of your hp, and don't let her harass you. When she hits 6, she's probably already scheduling your funeral, so dont let yourself get below half.

I main tristana and when i saw this i laughed so hard at how true this is.