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Help with Cho Gath AP/TANK item build

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Junior Member


So im pretty new to this game only been playing around 2 weeks now. Ive decided to make cho gath my main guy. Ive read all the guides and want you get your guys input on this hybrid build.

I basically stack health and finish with a little armor and magic resistance. The final items are below.

Warmogs armor or Rod of Ages depending if im dying alot or not
Boots (either ninja, sorc, or merc depending on how game is going)
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Fiendish codex (then upgrade to Deathfire Grasp)
Force of Nature
Wardens Mail

This gives me tons of health plus some tank items at the end. The AP is strictly for killing people. I tend to play pretty aggressive so with a huge health pool i can usually kill them before they kill me.

Do you guys think this is a good mix or will i be gimping myself? Also what order should i buy the items? Here is what i have been doing

Regrowth pendant to start
Meki Pendant and basic boots if i go back to base early
Finish boots and upgrade to meki to codex or chalice if i need the def
Then either RoA or the Scepter, if the game is going fast i skip the RoA completely and make a warmogs after scepter
Then the def items after that

Ive tried both pure tank builds and pure AP builds and i tend to like the AP style better. But early on health regen to me is more beneficial than the mana regen. It lets me stay in lane longer to keep harassing people. Towards the end game with 6 feast stacks i have huge health pool but wants some more def to keep on killing.

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Riot aBhorsen



I personally play an AP/Tank style Cho'Gath and find that this works for me:

Meki Pendant
Boots of Speed
Mejai Soulstealer
Boots of Speed > Boots of Swiftness
Meki Pendant > Chalice of Harmony
Sunfire Cape
Abyssal Sceptre

This gives me plenty of Armor /Magic Resist and with a couple of Feasts more than enough health.

It also make your Rupture deal just over 500 with a few Mejai stacks and your Feast consumes anyone below 900.

I may try using a Rod Of Ages instead of a Warmogs if i have a few nice early feasts under my belt.

I sometimes get the Chalice earlier if i am up against a caster in my lane/mid.