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staple and viable items for ryze

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Ok, so with the ryze remake i played a few games with him to test out his new abilities. His spells do feel a bit weak (at least until you get a good set of items) but with max CDR he really can get his spells of like a machine gun. however, he is VERY item dependent now so here is what i came up with.

AA staff + ROA: these two are really perfect for the new ryze. since he loves mana these are the highest mana items in the game and since he can spam spells so fast he'll charge up the staff really quickly. And while AP is not as good as mana it still is worth getting at least some, and the AA staff bonus works great with stacking mana. the health and mana regen are also good to increase his sustainability.

boots: sorc if they are low on cc, merc treads if they are high on cc. no other options are viable.

CDR items: 2 choices here, now, if you have 15% CDR starting off from runes and masteries, + 10% from his Q that means you only need 15% CDR.
glacial shourd is the least expensive way to get this, it will max out your CDR and give you a nice damage boost from its mana + armor if you are up against a lot of physical dps.
The other choice is the new morello's evil tome. I know AP sucks on ryze but it does help, and remember ryzes E does not scale off of mana. in addition it gives MP/5 so if you are going dry on mana and the oposing team doenst have much physical dps you might want this instead.
I dont get deathfire anymore for several reasons. ryze now has pretty long range and getting up close to use deathfire negates that advantage. also, since we are no longer stacking AP deathfire does a lot less damage than it did previously. it is also much more expensive than the other two items and its only advantage over them is its active.

survivability: banshees veil is usually my default option and its mana will again help boost his damage. if they are high physical damage then glacial shroud and frozen heart help out with armor, while also providing more mana.

utility: rylai's might be worth taking as an end game item because by then you'll have max CDR so you'll be able to lay out a lot of sustained damage, and ryze's Q will keep a target almost permaslowed. more health and AP never hurt either.
lich bane: I have not actually tried this, but I could see it being a possibility, at least in just helping push late game towers. Your AP will only be around 230-250 if you take this, AA and ROA as only AP items but it's the fact that you proc pretty much every one of your auto attacks thanks to spell spam that could make this decent. again, havnt tried it yet.

the only pure AP item I would really consider would be void staff and that is just for its magic pen if you are up against a high MR team.

so here is the build I tend to use most often.

sorc boots
glacial shroud
last item is flexible, void staff, rylai, maybe even a second ROA if it is really dragging out.

this is great against a well rounded team. you can switch ouy glacial shroud if they have no AD but this tends to work well in general.