Ui Reset

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So That's a mixed "Bug" and suggestion thread =P

I was messing around with the interface files (the swf ones) to see if i could find something exploitable... as this is a beta test, i do like to test this things so no exploits come with the live launch.

So i found that my decompiler did not decompile the AS in the files... so i got my backup file (actually the HUD2.swf) and got it in there in the place of my modified one.

When i logged into a match i noticed that my chat window was way out of the place it should be =PP (As in the atrachement)

So my suggestion is: Implement a "Reset to Default" button =DD so any problems regarding positioning / ui size can be undone =D

In my case i will probably reinstall the game cause it was totally my fault =P

(btw no my game is not that dark =P it's a modified screenshot so you can focus on the chat window)