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[Guide] Veigar - The portable hell in a cell!

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Come all sit around while i tell you about Veigar! The tiny master of evil. In my opinion a well played veigar trumps any other mage including fiddle and annie, but there are few around and veigar is a hero thats easy to learn hella difficult to master. I myself am learning something new every game i play him. But i feel i have reached a point where i can give advice to most, even those playing in my ELO, which seriously isnt many.

About Veigar:
To most, yordles do not conjure images to be feared. The easygoing half-pint race, though fierce, is often regarded with some degree of joviality. Every now and again, however, a yordle turns so bad that, even at its small stature, it strikes terror into the hearts of others. Veigar is such a twisted yordle - a master of the magical black arts and a corruptor of cosmic energy, making him one of the most feared sorcerers on Valoran. Veigar was once one of those unusual yordles who chose to trade with the outside world. Imprisoned in the city-state of Noxus for years, Veigar slowly went mad in isolation from his people. He eventually escaped, but instead of returning to Bandle City, he sought tutelage from dark wizards across the land. Now he seeks to end all conflict on Valoran, by bringing all of the city-states to their knees, regardless of affiliation.

''Who says evil needs to come in a fearsome-looking package?''

Yada yada... but hey regardless of affliation? to their knees? hell yes!

Now lets analyze his spells:

Passive - Entropy - Veigar steals 20% of each nearby enemy champion's ability power. The amount stolen per target cannot exceed five times Veigar's level.

Say what? 20%!?! 5xVeigar's level!? potentially 90 extra AP per target! obviously not everyone will have AP but i did say potentially right? This is one of the reasons Veigar is feared by most casters.

[Q] - Baleful Strike - Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing magic damage. If a unit is killed, Veigar gains some ability power permanently. Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.6) magic damage. If a unit is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power for a minion or 5 ability power for a champion.
Cooldown 8 seconds
Cost 75/75/75/75/75
ManaRange 650
WHAT!? A nuke that gains you AP!? with god forbid a decent coefficient?!? Using this spell often on creeps will farm you AP making you the char with the most possible AP in the game. That and you won't stagnate at the end of the game like most mages. That and it allow for constant growth throughout the course of the game. Nuff said.

[W] - Dark Matter - Veigar calls a great mass of dark matter to fall from the sky to the target location, dealing magic damage when it lands. After 1.6 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120/180/240/300/360 (+1) magic damage.
Cooldown 12 seconds
Cost 100/110/120/130/140 Mana
Range 900
Whoa! very decent range, good coefficient from AP and AOE!? whats the catch!? Well, it has a delay and is avoidable making it kind of a skill shot. But they thats what we are here to learn right?

[E] - Event Horizon - Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for a short duration. Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds.
Cooldown 24 seconds
Cost 90/110/130/150/170 Mana
Range 600
Whats this now? A stun? Freaking nominated! Good use of this skill will net you and your team many many kills and cause much much pain to your opponents. Of course this can be cleansed out off, but thats about it.

[Q] - Primordial Burst - Blasts target enemy champion, dealing magic damage plus 25% of the target's maximum mana. If Primordial Burst deals a killing blow, Veigar regains mana and gains a bonus 5 ability power. Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 200/300/400 (+1.2) magic damage plus 25% of the target's maximum mana. If Primordial Burst deals a killing blow, Veigar regains 500/1000/1500 mana and gains a bonus 5 ability power.
Cooldown 130 seconds
Cost 200/300/400 Mana
Range 650
Wow! another nuke?! WTH is going on here? Has a extremely good coefficient and does dmg based on the target's MAX mana?!? and RETURNS MANA, of course if you kill the guy. 2nd reason why you are probably feared by most if not all casters. Not to mention it has a cool ass sound some cross between a jet and a jet console.

Skill Progression:
Baleful Strike (Q)
Event Horizon (E)
Baleful Strike (Q)
Dark Matter (W)
Primodial Burst (R)
Q (Max)
W (Max)
R (Max)

Hero Overall Analysis

Very strong nuking capability - on par if not higher than most other mages. IMO if all your spells connect it is only exceeded by Ryze with ult and perhaps only so on targets w/o mana.
Stun! - About the most useful thing in the game, veigar's stun is abit of a skill shot too though.
Anti-mage capabilities

Relatively squishy
Requires practice to play WELL
Poppy - i dont know where the hell to put this but as long as her passive isnt nerfed you arent going to be doing too much to her. All your spells easily exceed 10% of her health and basically will get reduced to heck.

Summoner Spells
Flash - this is a must, it allows for great positioning allowing you to even initiate fights with event horizon and great juking/running.

Now your 2nd summoner spell is a toss up personally i go either:
Exhaust - with improved exhaust for some suprise dmg. my favourite.
Teleport - especially if you dont intend to solo, something we will discuss later
Ignite - good dmg, but you really shouldnt be looking to finish off someone wiht this
Clarity - if youre the farming type

To lesser effect you can take any other summoner spell if your team needs it e.g. fort, clarivoyance, rally.

9/0/21 there really isnt any other way youre gonna get more dmg. Wasting a further 11 points just for 5% extra dmg just isnt what i consider to be ideal.

Quint - Flat HP, less squishy, all round goodness
Red - Magic Pen, more dmg = good
Blue and yellow - AP/18, really though im not to sure, this is what i roll with because i play most other casters too, but with that said it definately doesnt hurt to have more AP but i guess CDR would be better.


Really veigar is pretty simple, any combination of AP/CDR/Mana is good as long you have some HP but here is what i do:

Frozen Heart
Sorc boots
Lich bane / Arch angel

This is obviously NOT the order i get it in I bevelieve in improvization and you can decide what you need that match yourself however i generally start every game with either

Doran's Ring + 1 Hp pot
Meki + 2 Hp pots

depending on which lane and whos my laning partner. After which i usually get boots and ampifying tome -> menjai. Then usually Rylais, Frozen usually ends. If not Zhonya, lichbane.

Why lichbane as my last item and not say void staff/abyssal scepter? its because usually by the time i get this, i've amassed something in the region of 700-1k AP meaning my attacks HIT LIKE A TRUCK!


Ideally you'll want the solo lane because you really aren't much use till you get to a higher level. However this usually isnt the case in many teams. Duo lane is fine but inform your team mate that especially the first few levels you arent going to be harassing much and gonna baleful strike the creeps. With that said it doesnt mean you should pass up an easy kill and an easy 5 AP.

Early game: Your goal here is to amass as much AP a possible. Usually quite normally i get around 30 odd AP before level 7 what i usually do is (and i usually have teleport). Doran's ring, spam aggressively to last hit creeps then port when you have enough money for a meki and am OOM buy the meki and port back.

Pro-tip: get ready the meki screen in lane while porting so you can get back hit buy and teleport w/o really missing any exp. this is esp important when laning against another veigar.

Mid game: Now no levels really count here, this only beings when you have Menjai and at least a boots, prefrably sorc boots. you should have amassed a considerable amount of AP probably 50 odd AP from Bales alone. You should be sitting around 100 or so AP now,

The ganking should go something like this Bale -> Event -> Darkmatter -> Bale/ult -> bale/ult. If you dont get them its fine, there no need to tower dive. Stay around the lane. Dark matter a set of ranged creeps then baleful about 2 melees and Blue pill to prep for the next gank.

You are a strong candidate for the mid game golem buffs especially if you have soloed. Personally i manage without the buff by last hitting with primodial burst which basically returns me all my mana, in the even that i missed the last hit with it, i farm abit and blue pill back.

When youre in base buy whatever parts of the next item you can get, if not get a elixir. You should now be working on your Rylai's, Rylai's is the core items of this build since it now only allows you to chase but allows you to run.

Late Game: this is where you team will generally be roaming around together or sitting outside a tower trying to push if. If you have played well enough they would realize youre a competent player and wait for you to catch someone with your event horizon before engaging. Spam baleful every cooldown on champs, the cd is so short it doesnt really require you to keep it, plus by now you should have rylais and that should slow the guy down perhaps for an engage, use great discrestion here since your event horizon usually signals the start of a battle.

Well, all these are pretty easy to figure out and should be easily executed by anyone with some common sense. Now i shall go on to explain in depth your 2 'skill shots' and how to make the most of them

Event Horizon (Hell in a cell!) and actually hitting with dark matter
Hell in a cell!
The first use of event horizon is what i'd like to call hell in the cell. Basically all it is is to trap 1-2 heros together with your carry and let them go to town on them. They probably wont stand around letting your carry hit him so he'll most probably eat a stun which would most likely lead to his death.

To facilitate their transition towards the grey screen, cast darkmatter at the edge of the horizon which you see them heading to so that they eat your dark matter in whole. Alternatively you could cast darkmatter at the edge of the horizon that you see the rest of the team approaching from, so that if any of them eat the stun, its a sure hit. Anything else at least you scared em away from your carry for 1.6 seconds (slightly more since people usually wait for the matter to fall before moving over)

Rope a dope
Basically this is your main method of juking people. Place the event horizon directly infront of where you are running to and run through it, or maybe slightly infront if the hero chasing you is right beside you a la udyr. This stuns any chaser and gives you a buffer zone for any attacks from the side. This is best used in narrow areas, however with that said there is nearly no way for the hero to run around the horizon and still keep up with you (unless they are yi or something like that).

Once again if its just 1 hero, you could actually dark matter if you know hes gonna eat your stun, semi late game youre looking at perhaps 600 or so dmg which can then result in you chasing him (thats what rylais is for lol). I dont know how many times i've done this and after darkmatter connects i turn around for a bale ult combo and BAM! dead yi.

Stopping the channel (for lack of a better name)
This is ideally not the best situation for you to use your event horizon because its strength is really more of the threat of a stun rather than the 2 sec stun itself, with that said it could be used to stun say a nunu or a kat if they channeling their "push a button and win spell". All you need to do is place the horizon's edge right on top of the hero and cast. This immediately stuns them without the need for them to actually move.

Immediately proceed to cast a dark matter in the direction where you think hes going to run to, with some parts of the dark matter overlapping where he already is to score a dark matter hit.

Divide and conqure
This is best used when the CD is up DURING a team fight which really isnt pretty often from my experience. But in the even that there is, place the event horizon with the edge over 1-2 of their members immediately stunning them but keeping the rest out of it. Basically, a hell in a cell during a fight.

Pretty much by now you should have figured how to use your darkmatter, the drill is pretty similar to the hell in a cell method.

The round up
This is your IDEAL way of starting a team fight. You managed to get the entire team in your horizon, pick your favourite target and employ any 1 of the dark matter combos.


Your main method of juking is explained in rope a dope. But if they still continue to chase, a la udyr once again, roughly estimate where the hero will be 1.6 secs from the time your gonna cast dark matter and cast it, be sure to cont running in the same direction. Basically what youre trying to tell him is to either eat your dark matter (which should slow since you have rylais :P) or back off. Should he choose to eat your dark matter baleful him before you continue running (unless its an yi of course) till your event horizon cools down.


Blitz - who doesnt love blitz, synergy all round, an interesting thing you can do is for him to charge forward and if you see him grabbing horizon around him
Alistar - for hell in a cell stuns + punt for a stunned guy right in the middle of the team.

nothing else really outstanding basically any stuns is great. veigar is a char where you adapt to people and is a great combo with most.

Enemies =(
Poppy - wtf is this? the passive owns veigar at the moment and is really ******ed if you ask me.
Veigar - yep a veigar's worst enemy before poppy is another veigar, in such mirror matches, harass before level 5 but keep something like 220 mana when youre gonna level, anticipate your level by 1 creeps and get near him. Once you level hit "V" which is the hotkey to learn your ult (if you havent changed it) then hit Q and R and you'll probably own him if he was anywhere before half hp, after he dies the first time farm a few more creeps then play safe for awhile till tele is back up. then go buy and proceed to own him again.
Teemo- all round hard to lane against. Just play safe and last hit creeps with bale.

Post script

If i get enough response ill try to post screenshots if the different dark matter combos. but till then, if you'd like to play with me add me!

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Senior Member


This is a very standardized guide in terms of masteries, skill builds, and what have you. However, the slowing effect on Rylais is largely considered by the community as wasted on Veigar because his role is rarely to chase as the only reliable spell he could do it with is his baleful strike. Veigar's role is to drop a ton of burst damage and stun people with event. The only real change I would make is to exchange said Rylai's with a Rod of Ages to fill the HP role of the build.

Also, Frozen Heart isn't always neccessary. While I may consider it if the team isn't getting one and we're being rocked by dps, the stats and price on deathfire is far more attractive. I do believe CD reduction to be a 3rd or even 4th item in a build, regardless of your choice.

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Hmmm, i really struggle to see how rylai is a waste on veigar, a team slow or even individual target slows are really effective for my playstyle.

Just today i was even able to wear down a singed with RoA/Banshees with just rylai alone.

Additionally RoA takes about 10 mins to be as effective as Rylai for HP and 15 mins to be as effects as Rylai for AP, of course this is not counting mana at all but i never really saw mana as a problem mid and late game.

Also, i'm not really trying to introduce anything revolutionary in my guide just an indepth guide on how his skills should be used mostly.

Deathfire certainly is a choice but i like frozen for its slightly defensive capabilities, that and i'm usually the one who gets it anyway.

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needs more catalysts

your job is to turn the fight into a 5v4 and fast. you cannot do this if you get CC'ed. I find banshee/rod of ages essential on veigar(actually basically any caster). as long as you were good at farming baleful strike and ganked with your ult you should have more then enough damage to nuke some one down. Mejai's helps with this as well