Read my story, am I wrong to be kinda ticked at my team?

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Just need to vent my aggravation!!!

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Little Saint



So just played a game, if we won it would of been my 10th consecutive win. To be honest I don't care about wins and losses it's a fun game. But seriously, my team was dumb. We pushed all the way into their base, killed an inhibitor, and 1 tower in front of their nexus. While i moved to start hitting the next tower my team moved to the next you see my frustration yet? Ok I'll keep going for those i've lost. You only need 1 inhibitor, the 2 towers outside the nexus (on 5v5) then the team thought you needed all 3. So that was one of my deaths because i got ganked...being alone at the nexus will do that. After that we grouped mid and got ready to rush, but my team decided they wanted the baron, while running to it one enemy popped up and my team scattered, getting 2 of us killed. and the rest ran away. The THIRD time, rammus ran in to tank the enemy champs and I was right behind him to help out thinking the other 3 members of my team would be there...but no, they saw akali pop out of a bush and run away so they chased her (didnt kill her) leaving Rammus and I to die. At this point I was getting kinda ticked. My team got mad at me for "yelling" at them to push mid already, am I wrong to be kinda ticked?

For the record, I know it's just a game, I'm over it haha. Just wanted to get a general consensus. I'll just have to play harder and get my 10 win streak again =]

Please don't vote this down, this isn't me QQ'ing cuz I could care less about a loss.

Thanks =]