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Riot Games Inc is doing so great that..

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Good work Riot, like always, your community, as well as myself are raging at your failures to fix your game. Let's start by the biggest and longest problem. Balancing the champions. Enough said here. Next, let us tackle the biggest problem. The server/client stability. The servers apparently cannot take a patch and that new login system is so idiotic. The main point was to ELIMINATE the Busy status, not to add an additional obstacle along with the busy screen. With all the in-game lag since Renek and then Karma patch, the lag has been obnoxious. And with the new interface, I enjoy moving **** around to make the game look complex and more complicated. I miss my friend list on the left along with the play button being stupid. Now that I bring it up, I miss the old interface that was pre-season. Hang on let me use the STORE.. Oh wait... The New HOT Champion that once again Riot rips for 6300, especially with the garbo the clown IP system, will take 600 years to obtain for those who have enough IP. After all, I want to sit in a long game and get ripped off from the IP. The system was fine as-is. Why change it? League of Legends = YouTube nowadays. As time goes on, the worse it gets? The community has spoken, want to actually listen?