FPS going to hell.

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Like my title.

My FPS is taking a little trip to hell each time i play LoL with a FPS of 5.
If you're thinking that my cpu is slow, it maybe is though ive done everything that i know to increase the processor speed. Yet, my FPS is still taking its time in hell.
I've used a crapload of stuff from updating drivers, highest prioritizing, game boosting, data unrestricting, security bypassing, and etc...
just to play LoL.
Apparently, my internet is GREAT. i downloaded LoL in about 5 minutes. Apparently my FPS like i said earlier is just plain ****.
Can anyone suggest me things to help make my FPS higher.
I'm already thinking of buying more ram, but i probably will not get a new computer or graphics card.
My system info or so i think it is:
Windows Vista Home'Basic
Service Pack 2
2 GB Ram
32- Bit OS
Processory Genuine Intel 575 @ 2 GHz

Well then, hope to see you guys soon on LoL to play with you or get pwned by you.
Cheers, the BS Master (bsmaster -ign)