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God forbid people have to change their playstyle to adapt to the new Ryze..

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Semantic Memory



I don't understand what is up with the QQ threads - the new Ryze really isn't THAT bad. I mean, to be fair, he doesn't do nearly as much burst as he used to, but in exchange, he gained something equally important: Range. People aren't even taking this into account, but Ryze's 675 range Q is actually a pretty **** annoying harrass. Take a couple points in Q and harrass every few seconds in laning or deny your opponent - it really isn't that bad.

I mean, I wasn't a big Ryze player before the patch because I couldn't stand his range, and I'm actually finding that I enjoy him a lot more. He may not be top tier, or anything, but the world isn't over - he really isn't that bad. So stop QQing and adjust to his playstyle and then make your assessment (you know, after more than 4 hours after release).