New Karma Item Build

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Mitch Bade

Senior Member


Since the patch, and the recent item changes I have tried a new build that seems to work very well.

My old build:
-Boots of Lucidity
-Archangel's Staff
-Rylai's Scepter
-Rabadon's Deathcap
-Situational Item
-Situational Item

With this build and my Runes/Masteries my CDR was about 30% but my AP was very high. I had a lot of success with this build, and could play very aggressive. I would get a Giant's Belt before getting the Blasting Wand needed for Archangel's, and that made an awsome difference.

My new build:
-Boots of Lucidity
-Morello's Evil Tomb
-Rod of Ages
-Rabadon's Deathcap
-Situational Item
-Situational Item

This build gives Karma 40% CDR very early in the game, which means you can cast a shield every 6 seconds, Heavenly Wave every 3-4 seconds, and Mantra stacks every 17 seconds. At the same time, I still have enough MP and Mana Regen to play aggressive. I know DFG is still going to be more popular for most people, but Morello's gives us support players another option.

After getting the Feindish Codex and Level 1 Boots I get the Catalyst. Then I finish the Boots of Lucidity and Morello's Evil Tomb, and eventually Rod of Ages after that.

It only takes ~3200 gold to achieve max CDR, and since I'm not building an AA Staff I pick Rod of Ages instead of Rylai's for the Mana Karma needs. Her AP is still very high especially with her passive and if you get AP with one of the last two items.

This build also allows for your Carry to grab the blue golem buff instead of Karma, giving your team another advantage.

Both builds start with a Meki Pendant + 2 HP Potions.

Of course, if you prefer DFG and having the nice active then by all means buy that instead. I just like the low cost of Morello's, and the slightly better AP and Mana Regen. I also spam so many skills to support my team that I don't feel like I would have the time to worry about using DFG's active.