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Changing Tryndamere's ult

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Darth Bane



Late game in team battles, Tryndamere doesn't get a lot of Bloodlust charges unless his Spinning Slash clips creeps. I think it'd be a good idea to let critical strikes to add Bloodlust charges, so he actually has them during group fights and doesn't need to rely on his ultimate to stack them.

I agree that he needs to have an alternate way to get charges, but it is so easy to get your crit chance well over 50% that he would have tuns of them all the time.

another thing you could do is add an effect like tide hunters krakken Shell in DOTA to his ulty say every 2 sec starting at 1 it purges 1 slow / CC from him and makes him immune to that exact slow / cc for 1.5 sec... this would be enough to get away from one or maybe 2 slowing enemies but still leave him to die vs 2 or more