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Alistar- you're funny headbutt stories

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Constable Ahrc



So, anyone who has played Alistar a bit knows how unpredictable headbutt is. It's an ability that can yield frustrating results as someone will be hit in a line that should send them into a tower or into your friends and instead gets sent off at a very different angle.

But sometimes, headbutt results transcend out of annoying territory into the most bizarre and hilarious things you've ever seen.

Alistar players may grumble about the inaccuracy of headbutt, but there's probably a few occasions where a screw up made you laugh. Post it here on this thread.

My two stories:

One 5v5 game I was chasing after an Olaf who was chasing one of my allies. He was running through the bushes just above mid and crossed over to the bushes that lead to the river. Another ally was running up at this moment to protect the chased one (and also get a kill). Olaf sees him, turns around, and runs back towards his base and me. I headbutt him when he comes close enough. It's a good shot, he goes flying towards my teammates. Then he hits the edge of the corner of a wall, bounces off of it at a 90 degree angle, and goes over the wall into blue golem clearing, safe from us. My two nearby allies and Olaf thought it was the funniest thing ever.

The other story involves me in a 5v5 running cross map away from Vlad. He hits me with one of his attacks as we pass the minions fighting. Several caster minions peel off from the main group and go after Vlad, running in a U-shaped formation after him. My headbutt comes up and I hit Vlad backwards with it to get him off my tail. He goes flying into the right side of minions. Instead of flying over them or coming to a halt, Vlad banks off of their formation; literally making a midair U-turn off the wave and comes flying back towards me, landing the exact the same distance from me as when i headbutted him. Sadly, this allowed him to kill me (barely), but it still made me laugh.

Post your funny headbutt stories!