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I Want to Kill: Poppy

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There are a lot of strats on how to play champs so I figured I'd make a guide on how to kill a champion. There is a bit of futility in this since the people who have problems with champions are the ones not looking up how to kill them. But maybe since this is a guide on how better to kill people instead of a flame post responding to their "OMGZORDKJALSKDJF (Hero Name) IS SO ****ING REDICUOUSLYASLKDFJ OP!" they will respond to the advice better.

I've been playing Poppy a lot recently so I think I'll start there. I'm open to people's thoughts on how best to kill Poppy as not only will it make me a better Poppy *know what to avoid* but people will find comfort in knowing many ways of killing her.

1. Fun Facts

  • Neat stuff about Poppy that you don't know because you rage quit every time she gets First Blood and then next 10 kills on her team... unanswerd
2. Situations and Things Poppy Likes
  • Big group fights.
  • Towers. (Including your fountain)
  • The Jungle.
  • Slows.

3. Situations and Things Poppy Dislike
  • Flash-Bubbles-and-Invulnerable stuff
  • Stuns
  • Ice Walls
  • Veils
  • Soloing
  • Blinds
  • Mana

4. Champion Poppy Relations
  • Champs Poppys Destroy
  • Champs Poppy is good and bad against
  • Champs Poppy Hates!!!
  • Champs that combo with Popster
  • Champs that don't work well with Poppy
  • Champs that work and don't work with mrs. High Maintenance Herself
5. Items
  • Items Good Against Poppy
  • Items Poppy Buys
6. How to Deal with a Poppy.
  • Early Game
  • Mid Game
  • Jungling
  • 5v5 Fights
  • Chasing
7. Help! Poppy Keeps Killing me...
  • By My Tower (Tower Diving)
  • In the Jungle (Jungling)
  • In my Lane
1. Some things you may or may not have known:

Hi my name is Poppy. I have a hammer. I didn't play as a child and now I'm a hot ***** that hurts people.
  • I don't have an AOE
  • Any damage dealt to me that exceeds 10% of my current health is reduced by 50%. (except towers) This means people burst me and don't realize that I shrink their spells giving me that "Op" vibe.
  • I have good health but get mana starved quick.

2. As a Poppy the things I'm not scared of are:
  • Big group fights.
  • Towers. (Including your fountain)
  • The Jungle.
  • Slows.
Big Group Fights

My ult allows me to only take damage from one source. Considering I can now choose who is hitting me (hint, the person who isn't) I can let people waste their time, damage and cds on me while focusing on who I want dead or getting to better position. Or running away for that matter. Big group fights aren't intimidating and being in the middle of it, preferably close to a wall or in a jungle is where I feel best.

Again with my ult I'm not scared. Once Poppy hits six know that she can ult, charge and smack you against your own tower, stun you, then burst you some more and with added armor and attack AND speed. I can get in, stay safe, kill you and leave before getting hurt. Standing right next to your tower or near the wall (that lil nook everyone goes to hide in to bp) is where I'll operate best. Standing in the middle of the lane, or moving towards me even, is where I don't want you to be.

You have basically doubled the damage of one of my spells for me. And added a stun. Coupled with my increase movement I can dodge around in here pretty good. There is no help for you. Avoid jungle situations with Poppy at all costs. The only thing irksome here is that I can't target you with my charge while you are in the bushes. Bushes usually mean wall (which means double damage) but hiding in the river's middle grass makes me jumping you harder, but not impossible. If you are stuck, this is your better option.

So many times people think they can chase me. How many times do I roll games with no deaths? Champions waste valuable resources and cds trying to slow and chase me. Fact is my movement increase, which gives me more armor, has such a short cool down that by the time you've caught up with me and my increased movement, I'm throwing it down again. I've just kited you the entire length of the map and then some. Poppy is extremely hard to successfully chase and running into the jungle with her is dangerous.

As a Poppy I am scared of:
  • Flash-Bubbles-and-Invulnerable stuff
  • Stuns
  • Ice Walls
  • Veils
  • Soloing
  • Blinds
  • Mana

The main reason I am afraid of these is that when I tower dive I know I can kill you but its a race against my bubble. Throwing it on after I do my main bursts of damage scares me. Can I eat threw this? The worst is when people throw on bubbles or invulnerable or flash away only AFTER my bubble has come down. I have them within an inch of their life and I've committed to the kill but now my guard is literally down and the tower is melting my face. Most of my spells will be on cd and if I'm not already on my way out I am screwed. Hesitating before you bubble and flashes in general (since I can miss you with charge. Or other movement things like Shaco's jump, riftwalk, yi's alpha strike, stealthing) will cause me to do no damage when I expected to do a lot, screwing me over.

My biggest fear isn't a slow team, but a stun team. While this could be said about any character, ALL my survivability is in my skills. If i can't speed out, knock my way towards a better position or pop my ult on a none range hero I'm done-sky.

Ice Walls
I don't see anivias but they make my life hell. My charge does NOT synergize with her wall. At least from what I have played from an Anivia's point of view. At any rate they take me out of the fight, since I'm mele, and I can't slam people against them. Couple that with their usual hindrance and I hate them. Plus I have no natural means of getting around them (i.e. decieve, riftwalk, spinning slash)

Yay, I'm somewhere I didn't anticipate being, and now you are behind me! What am I doing here? Save me sheen! Poppy is about positioning and since I generally initiate with my charge your bubble ****s with my game. Now I'm scrambling and on top of that my charge just took me out of mele range. You are safe during this brief time, and since I'm generally confused when this happens you get a precious half second more to deal with me. Luckily I'm fast *boots and abilities* but you can stay pretty safe from me once you get passed that charge and then I can't do anything till I get close enough again or my charge comes off cd.

I'm fine with killing people. That seems to be how Poppy gets negotiations done. You disagree? Hammer to face. But its when I need to survive against one person that I suck. I don't have any crowd control. I have a knock back, but that moves me too so I don't really gain a lot from it unless I'm charging us towards friends or a tower. I can't ult you because that only makes you deal more damage and I don't actually have a lot of health. My saving throw is that the more you smack me the closer I am to getting a speed boost from a passive ability. The main thing I can do is buy a life steal item and pop my Paragon of Demacia. Short of killing you first, I'm ****ed.

Fighting against you remember that I don't have range. I have an ability that will close on you (my charge) but it is creep targetable and moving in amung your creeps does lead to me clicking on them. Popping in and out of the lane bushes bugs me because I want to charge you and hit you against the wall behind the bushes but I can't target you. Unlike Malaphite's ult where he targets a spot if I can't get a lock on you I'm furious. My hammer is an on-next-hit affect and kiting me when I activate this burns my mana. (I'll talk more about no mana poppy later)

I added this in when I wrote about Hiemerdinger. The worst thing about blind is that I'm counting on all the extra damage my pretty trinity force or sheen is going to do to you. Blinding me takes away my awesome attacks and all the pretty bonus damage. I NEED TO SEE!

No Mana
All my cool **** I do through mana. I don't have a lot. Since most of the timing I'm spamming Paragon so I can put around faster and hit things harder, by the time I show up to the fights I'm generally running low (Probably only one spell rotation left). I'm not in it for the long haul. You will see me show up, kill on person and leave. I will kill a person, but sustained fights are what I am THE WORST AT! I deal in burst damage and I do this threw positioning. If I'm out of position and out of mana and I'm more useless than **** on a bull.

Champions I eat *Rawr!*
  • Squishy things like Casters
  • Slow champions
  • All the stealth ones
  • Low life champions
  • Things with little armour
Champions I dislike

*Janna- You are fast. You push me around. Forever shall we blood feud.
*TF- We can't be friends. But who then can really be friends with you? The only reason I don't hate you is because you mainly show up as the third man to a gank. And then I can ult away from you.
*Udyr- Stuns with a good chase. I dislike your stuns, but you waste chasing me and as I will lead you into the jungle, there will be no healing for the pain I deal you. We tie a lot.
Warwick-You just annoy me. You force me to play defensively because I won't be able to run away from you well. No one does really but since I'm used to out running people and then bping away. You finding me changes up my play style. Grrr

Champions I hate
Tanks. You have a lot of health for me to burst and all tanks come with something I hate *slow, speedball, stuns, disables (except Mundo, Mundo is mine!)*
*Tryndamere. You are a funny one. You run thro the wall I want to smash you against. And you become invunberable when I tower dive you. I hate you you ****!
*Zilean. As far as casters go I eat you the least. Your pop up makes you annoying and your bombs shread my pretty face. You dirty old man!
*Anivia I love and hate. She is slow and edible, and her main cc is a slow. But she has stun and the ice wall is my bane.
*Kassadin. You blinkin *****. Stay put so I can get to a good posistion so that I can smash you! and stay put so I can fight you!
*Ash- I only hate you for your Stun arrow. Which you time when I jump your team-mates at their tower. Since you fire it a long ways away I stun for forever and die by humiliation. **** you!
*Corki- You are ranged and escape easy. Two things I don't like. Ever.
*Heimerdinger- Why are you alive? You blind and stun me. Your rockets deal stupid damage from far away and I don't have any aoe to deal wtih your turrets.
*Ryze-You one combo anything. If you stun me before I charge and start bouncing that ball between us I'm done. As far as casters go I hate you the most. ****ing stuns.
*Sivir- You have your own "whenever the **** I want" viel and you are fast? **** you!
*Teemo-We small ones are supposed to stick together. But you live in the bushes, something I dislike, and while your slow doesn't bother me too much its the dots! I can't simply sheild away from them once they are on me. And since my passive only allows me to save face from big burst damage your dribble death is the worst! AND YOU BLIND ME!!! MY JUSTICE ISN'T BLIND TEEMO! GO TO HELL!
*Trist- Ranged with a knock back. Yay. FML Oh wait you can jump away from me too? /wrists
*Poppy- I hate you. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! We fight for posistioning. Both of us are fast. I can't be in the places I want to be and you have a bubble. Some of my worst games are against you as I fear that you will to do me what I do to others. Oh, and you TDing me is the lames thing ever because THAT'S WHAT I DO!


*Jax- You are my counter. Why are you free this week? We seriously don't play on even ground. You dodge my ****. Then you stun me. You leap at me when I try to escape your women beating ways and you run fast. You ARE the anti-Poppy. I itemize against you!

Champion Combos to be weary of:

*Janna-Poppy. Knock up, plus knock around, plus tons of damage is a bad mix for anyone. Just ran a game like this and we floored the Nasus+Amumu we were laning against
*Slow champions. They allow me to close on you. My knock around with my speed boost and their slow ensures the kill.

Champions I Don't Play Well With:
Phys carries (read yi) While us both being fast (and stupid to try and slow) we both rely on that mele range. Since carries have expnesive stuff they want to buy we will both be competing for the kills. One of us will become the weaker carry of the group. We are both good at jungling later to make up for money we lose (in reference to good phys combos like jax and yi) we aren't a good match against your aoe, blinds or range.

Tanks and Poppy don't make a good combo, I've found, because we don't have range. Kayle's bubble is nice, but I already have one. Heals are great, but a simple life steal item is all I need and mana is a way more precious rescource than my health. Knock arounds bug me because they throw my target out of posistion half the time (altho this can be made to a great combo, but this is true with anyone that has stun as well) But again, ultimatley what ruins us both is that we don't have range. Poppy with no farm and no kills is shut down. GG.

Nasus. You take my money. Last hit my creeps. Are beefier than me so make me the target and you life steal naturally, which I am jealous of. We can never be friends. Besides, your're like a sand dog thing.... with a staff. Who the **** are you?

Casters are good with me because they provide me the range. And I love their stuns. The problem is the over lap of our stuns. Often a caster will stun a target just as I am slamming it into a wall. Casters are also the squishier of the two of us and since my ult and my speed makes me a bad target they will undoubtably ff you. Since I don't have any buffing abilities I have to ditch you unless I think I can get the kill (at your expense, I'm a phys carry. I'm selfish that way). And since my cool items entitle me not to die I will have to let you go in order to keep farming, which I suck at, and try not to lose my stacks.

Vieger is a love hate. You last hit the creeps. Can wipe waves by yourself. You stun, which is fun, but often that stun puts the enemies in wierd spots and my knock arounds often save people from you expensive spells rather than trap them. You are a yordle so I like you, but honestly... lets just be friends.

What am I buying?
Any good Poppy player is getting sheen, and eventually Trinity force. They need positioning so they will either go Boots 3 or 2-5. Poppy's that want to tank get this notion of going Ninja tabi and while it is good for its reasons if she can kill you she doesnt need to tank you. Wasted money. If I'm smart I'll get a lifesteal item, probably starks. This item can be a bit lame because I'm mainly solo diving after one person and I'm not sticking around too much in the group fights because once I blow my mana I'm done. If I'm smart I'll get something for my mana, you'll see me running lots of this stuff usually because I want to keep the item space of for stuff that kills.

Items that are good against me.
  1. Banshee's Veil.
  2. Wits end. (Especially on Ashe)
  3. Guardian Angel. (Only because I TD and blow my load just to have you pop up)
  4. Executioner Calling (I hate dots)
  5. Thornmail (although not amazing like a yi)
6. How to deal with little blue girl.

Early Game
It starts here QQers! It starts here, and it starts now. You were so busy qqing to your team mates about there being a poppy and how OP she is that you didn't buy your items fast and rush to your lane. Now Poppy is in the bushes. That is YOUR fault. Your impending death gank derives soley from your own lazyness. Don't let Poppy get the bushes. This is her key spot as it is the easiest position to hurt you from AND you can't see her. She WILL run out and slam you against that little wall and deal a metric bus load of damage early game. Poppy's who don't get heroic charge right away are sub-par, tree huggers or playing Poppy as a tank (which is funny in and of itself and you need not worry about these little girls). If she doesn't kill you she won't get money. Which leads to your second weapon against Poppy. Keep her on her toes. She can't farm. The money she gets, if at all, is through player killing. If you can just stay alive you have done your job against a Poppy. My roomates know I'm playing Poppy not because I'm screaming my face off that a little girl is busting skulls like I was in breakfast club, but because I don't breathe until I get that first kill. And I get more and more worried the later the game goes and I haven't nailed some one to a wall yet. Break her will by staying alive. Keep her off creeps and you have just turned the game to 4v5 for the next 25 min.

Mid Game
Ok, so you fed her a lil. It happens. We Poppy's are gods amungst you mortal yordles and our hammer has proven that several times over now. Stop crying, we can still win this. Now your demi-god (poppy) will be doing one of two things. Getting crazier and playing even more agressively. Or jungling rolling around. I'll talk about the latter of the two in the next section but if your Poppy starts going crazy you biggest defense against this is sharp communication, no less then two man groups (with a stun or blind in there to boot), large amounts of hp (Latch on to a ramus like he was the last connection between you and uni-mind) and golem hunting (again, next section)

You know Poppy is fast. She can dip into the fog of war and be places you never expected before you even hit a mia call. What you need to do now is roll and focus her. She can't really deal damage to towers since her next on hit ability doesn't work against them. The best she can do is keep popping her Paragon for the bonus damage (and the procs off of sheen) so she's not rolling to smash your towers. And she can't kill minions so what is she doing? Looking for you, SHE WANTS YOUR BLOOD, and killing golems (next section) If she starts going blood crazy, again she only makes her money really off of kills, she'll be looking for those nice carries that have a kill streak so she can get even more gold. You're best bet now is to latch onto the tank. Don't stray. Don't be alone. Don't go near the Jungle. Find the tank. Buy him dinner. Compliment his nice user name and its sublte Journey reference. Do whatever it takes to stay in his good graces because he has the cc to deal with Poppy and enough health to resist her burstyness.

This will furiate Poppy and if you get her angry enough and she'll do something stupid. Like TD with no ult. I've seen it happen. Its not pretty. Stun her near your tower and let it do the heavy hitting. Again, Poppy's passive allows her to cut burst damage from champions by 50% if the amount of damage dealt is greater than 10% of her current health. That means if she has 500 health. And you burst her for more than 50 damage she cuts that in half. Your 600 burst spell that should have ended her, trickles through her mr and then gets cut in half from there. (i.e. 230ish damage)

She burns her mana so she is rolling on some fat dubs (Poppy is ghetto like that) lookin to pick up the mana buff, or the damage one for that matter. Gank her there. She's blowing her mana already killing the golem so you know she'll be weak. Grab a stun and insto-no-poppyo. Now you go to jail for child abuse you sick ****. Things that work well against this are Clairvoyance. Teemo Shrooms. Nidale traps. communication. These allow your Range DPS and Tank to split off and go mess her hair up. What I am saying is if you want to live against her mid game you better not have called your team-mates on feeding her so that you are still friends enough to report her missing and going for the buff before she actually gets it. Unite against the common enemy!

You want this big group fight to go down in a nice, wide open medow with no walls or bushes and a soft breeze from the north. Oh and unicorns. Unicorns must be present. I'm kidding about the breeze tho. Unfourtunatly this place doesn't exist so your best bet is to lul her into TDing. She think she will be able to catch that squishy or carry and thus serve her puprose for the group fight, since she'll blow her mana and be useless for the remainder of the fight. Have your carries aware of this. Even bait her a lil with low health. Be prepared to heal them and make sure they can dodge away. Knock ups are your friend here *as I believe* they still work against her sheild. Whoever has been put up on Pop-Chop-Block cc her. You can still attack her but know that she can do bonus damage to you when she is bubbled. Then disengage. She will chase you but now you are kiting her through 4 of your team mates and your towers. Her team mates don't have badass tding skills and will be weary of jumping in on you guys. Their only hope now is that the tower keeps switching hits between them so they won't die. Their Poppy, if countered, has just lead the entire team to hell. In a basket.

If you can't get back to your tower don't split up. Remember that Poppy can only target and hurt one person. Staying together against Poppy is your best hope, which makes 5v5 in general for Poppy a weird situation. She wants to chase you alone not you, your heal support and that pesky ****ing tank. Stay together. Wait for the bubble to come off. Dot her. Avoid walls.

If Poppy is chasing you use the bushes. This makes it hard for her to charge and close the disance on you. fear effects work great too. Slows and snares bug her, but she runs like a Kenyan. You can't out run her. If you have troulbes consitently being chased by her get flash. Get close to a wall. She'll get all wet with anticipation that she can wall smash you. Flash thru to safety. Wait for the rage quit.

If you are chasing poppy know that she has huge survivability. Espescially when there are two of you. She'll just ult the one who is farther away and take no damage from the guy beating on her. That with her passive active ability which grants her a huge speed boost (and since she's a good poppy she'll either have boots 3 or 5) she'll out run you. If you can't throw a wall infront of her let her go. She'll kite you forever and thus removed you from whatever you were doing. (That's what we call inadvertant disable. Yay Team Poppy!)


This section is somewhat redundant because the main issues here have already been clarified, hopefuly, in the general awareness of Poppy, what she wants to do, and what to avoid. But since I made a quick look up reference I figured I throw this in too.

I keep dieing by my tower. How?
Poppies ultimate allows her to avoid taking damage from the tower, and any other source. It has a big range so she can cast it from far away. While this bubble is up she deals more damage do to you as well. 20/30/40%. Another of her abilities gives her bonus armour and damage, along with a speed boost so she is faster and dealing EVEN MORE DAMAGE. Plus she has a charge so she closes this distance, with her boots and speed boost really fast. Towers mean walls so she smashes you into something. DEALING EVEN MORE DAMAGE AND STUNNING YOU. The next thing she does is hit you with an on next hit ability (That coupled with sheen, coupled with bonus damage) to deal, as you guessed it EVEN MORE ****ING DAMAGE! After this, she pretty much has her load spent and her six seconds of grace from her ult are up. If she isn't on her way out she's looking pretty desperate bout now. Her spells are on cd and now the tower is FBing her.

What do I do?
Wait. Simple as that. If you get nervous, you'll blow your ccs and damage right away. This would be a the wrong idea. If you aren't blinding her wait for her sheild to come down then stun her in tower range. Its scary. Believe me. But throw an exhaust on her right at that sheild comes down and you're a happy camper. The only reason people die by their tower is because they get nervouse, **** themselves, blow their load and then die SCREAMING they couldn't do anything when the answer is just waiting.

Poppy is just running me in the Jungle WTF?
Walls are everywhere here. Double damage galore for Poppy. She probably has a life steal item *if she's a good poppy* so she isn't worried about getting into a 1v1 fire fight bloody nose attrition brawl. She gets harder to kill the more you auto attack her and your bursts don't work well against her low health. She charges out of bushes and does pretty much the same thing she'll do to you by your tower. Only you don't have the hand of god raining down her to smack her face in. Or friends... since you are a lone, in the woods.

What do I do?
Leaving is always great. FLASH! but if you want to kill her know then that your burst works great right away but don't rely on it to crush her at the end. Her charge is dealing double damage because you are fighting against a wall. Aim her so that there is nothing behind you at all times. Don't let her move around keep the way clear so you don't hit something and get stunned.

I Can't Lane Against Poppy! She is SOOOOO OP!
No, she's not. You just don't realize what she is exploiting against you. She is a unique character that doesn't play by the same rules. What you need to know to survive against Poppy is this. Watch what is behind you in relation to Poppy. If you draw an arrow from poppy to you and continuing along that arrow you find a wall, you WILL get hurt and stunned. Having an awerness of what's behind you is the most importnat thing in fighting against Poppy. What to do against her in your lane? Don't stand beside that lil wall that seperates the river from the jungle. Don't stand in the bushes while she is in the middle of the lane. If she is a really dirty, and all poppys are, she'll get some one to throw a clairvoyance down so she can see you in the bushes and nail you against that wall. Its filth. But it happens. Don't let her farm and you'll be fine. Don't play agressive super early because that's what she wants. Hang tight for ten minutes and she won't be a problem. What I am saying is just don't stand against anything that you can't freely move through. DON'T STAND NEAR OR AGAINST WALLS!

tl:dr Poppy is a mele champ with no aoe. Most of your RAGE questions can be answered by the last five paragraphs of this post. Burst works great against her early but her passive cuts that damage in half when shes at lower healths. Poppy can't deal with dots very well. Poppy is > slows but < blinds. She can TD you and has no fear of big scary things like group fights, multiple opponents, towers and fountains. She is a burst hero but most of her damage is done through sheen (and or trinity force) and hitting you against a wall (much like Anivia's frostbite after a chill effect spell). She burns mana fast and no mana poppy isn't a scary poppy. She doesn't fare well against tanks and she eats anything with low health or is slow. She will play agressive so bait her. She can't farm well in lanes. She doesn't have a cc that will hamper you killing other people.

Know your enemy!

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If you have mana problems as poppy, go grab golem buff, the cd reduction on devastating strike is also amazing. I also thought you could charge people against ice walls, making aniava a good laning partner for poppy.

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Golem buffs are great! But the point I was making is that she naturally eats through her mana (she's no amumu tho). Luckily for Poppy she is fast, so she can run the map and nab buffs whenever, and all her spells *except her ultimate... well indirectly* work on creeps.

I found the ice wall didn't work with Anivia when I tried it. I was the Anivia in that encounter though. What I noticed was that she would blow her and her target right through my wall. This could be because the wall was melting, however you still had to walk around the wall for pathing like normal :S I believe it the latter of the two since the game has taken out quite a bit of character synergy and replaced it with style synergy.

For instance, you used to be able chill with Nunu's ice bolt *From what I remeber* then frost bite for double damage, then flash frost to damage stun and auto for a couple hits then rinse and repeat since both ice bolt and frost bite have super short cds. Even with out ultimates you could shrink anyone. They replaced that with combos like Kayle Yi. You bubble your Yi and watch him go. That's a support carry team instead of a "chill" team.

Cheers for being the first to reply.

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Great Thread. I play mostly Poppy nowadays, so giving ppl tips how to kill me isn't an natural intention, but i will do it.

Another thing about poppy is, that she doesn't farm good. You need your early kills because otherwise u cant buy a thing. And people who buy Tiamat are completely wrong because poppy makes money through kills not creeps.
Last game i got my sheen at minute 15, which is really late and that screws your game pretty well.
So just dont go in so aggressive against poppy, because our burst is high. If you deny us our early kills we are quickly behind.

I usually go for sheen, greaves, bloodthirster, Trinity. But the Movement speed 3 idea is nice. I might try the starks idea but that also delays the damage item for the sheen trigger. What do you buy?

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You are right. She swings that hammer slow at first so last killing creeps is a pain. Your lane partner will more often than not get more money than you. I farm because I a) kill the people in my lane to leave me free to and b) stay aggresive. Slamming my opponents against a wall once or twice makes them shy about harassing me.

I think they suggest tiamat simply because she doesn't farm well and she has no aoe. Yi can hit multiple targets, Jax has an aoe (albiet small) stun plus damage, Malaphite has a damage + reduce aoe and every other "fighter" has an aoe or aoe like effect. Poppy is the only champion in this catagorey that can't hit multiple things. But she balances by being able to negate multiple sources.

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I build mana cyrstal (with pots) -> to sheen -> to boots one -> life steal item -> to boots 3 and then take the game from there. Whoever I'm having more troubles with I'll build towards killing but generally its all the same. Attack speed, crit, damage. Its all good.

I'll more likely than not be the one on my team buying the oracles. I can survive really well and I EAT STEALTH CHAMPS! :P There are games where I go fishing in the jungle because I know that even with stuns and poisons *which I fear* I can pop them down and throw a pot on to keep me alive.

PS All Poppys should get Sheen. No matter what build. I played Poppy as a true tank champ for two games (I shake my head at this. She can't be a true tank because although she can choose who damages her and has a high threat level she lacks any true cc and doesn't have the supportlike abilities that other tanks have.) before a malaphite, who at the time I swore was a giant ****, tore a strip out of me for dancing around with health items *like leviathain* instead of getting sheen -> trinity and winning this game. I've had stupid scores with her since.

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I play Sivir and saddly Spell Shield doesn't work against Charge or Devastating Blow for some reason. The shield goes down whe hit by charge or devastating but the damage and effect still happen...

I've been stun against my own tower with shield up after a charge, it's probably a bug that will be fixed but right now all a Sivir can do is run away from Poppy.

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I adore Poppy and I love your post. I'd have to note that Poppy's biggest weakness is her inability to make MONEY. As Rach noted, she is a horrible farmer. If I'm not paying attention, I'll often find myself lagging behind in gold which late-game can be a problem if you are playing a decent ELO team. Once I hit level 6, I'm spending as much time as I can hitting the jungle for a quick cash bonus. It's also wise to play in lane with a partner that allows you to last hit creeps.

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Straw Hat Teemo

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I just got Poppy today and I really adore her power and it's something to abuse; with such power I am able to wipe out any other champion in early, mid and LATE of the game. Enjoyable character to have. I switched from Ashe and finally gotten the Poppy. I do agree with the fact she does make low amount of money early in the game, unless you have been fed. However, her skills can get her the money by kills but during mid game once she has items that increase Damage, Attack Speed, critical; she can 2 - 3 shots minions and make decent amount of Money.

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Some people may not realize that Poppy's passive has reverse synergy with both armor and hp items.