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[RP] First Match

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((this is a story I had rolling around in my head, and is a very early idea, gonna keep adding and working I think..also, first story post, wewt))

“Welcome, to Summoners Rift!”

The announcer called out as the champions appeared simultaneously, popping stiff joints. A few staggered, the summoning never an incredibly pleasant sensation for either party. The team was as is normal for the random matches that occurred now and then. Noxians and Demencians one the same side, forced to leave there squabbles aside for now. They took a moment to glance about, taking on their allies before setting off to their places. A few mumbled softly to their summoners, warning or encouraging them as they would.

“Such an interesting character, isn’t he?” The voice issued forth in Katarina’s head, the almost sarcastic tone almost causing the Champion a second look.

“I hope you’re not going to be talking my ear off this entire match, summoner.” The venom was evident in her voice, enough to force a chuckle from her controller. She continued her brisk pace past Mordekaiser, the lumbering iron bound creature strolling along almost, large mace resting on a shoulder pauldron.

“Now now, you are a Noxian hero my Lady. It is an honor to be allowed to summon such an efficient killer as your self. I merely wished to pass the first boring moments with idle chatter, perhaps asking for some ideas how to best use you?” He chuckled again, motioning to the Master of Metal, the odd feeling of someone pointing at him causing Katarina to glance at him.

“I was merely going to suggest that you let him rush foreword first. I fear it would be tantamount to treason to let any injury befall the Black Wido-“

“You love to hear your self speak, don’t you?” She cut back, stopping him half way. “I am no fool; I’ve been killing long before you became a summoner. I don’t need you prattling on, unless you want me to find you after the match and give you a first hand demonstration.” She clenched her sword tightly, the blade shaking ever so slightly.


The match continued without much else going on that would be described as out of the ordinary. The summoner did well, earning Katarina the honors of first blood, as her knife found itself lodged between the shoulder blades of Lux. The motions she made to remove it as she fell brought nothing but laughter to the minds of both Summoner and Champion. As the Lady of Luminosity faded from view, the blade remained, stuck in the ground where she had been. A soft chuckle came from the summoner, as he issued a simple command.

“In the bush. Kill it.” She darted into the cover, appearing behind non other then Garen, the Might of Demencia. A deep, dark laugh came form the distance, as she found her self surrounded by metal shards, immediately cutting into Garen’s armor. Her blade rose, striking at a chink in his armor, up under his arm. She was rewarded quickly by a stream of red that covered her gloves, dripping to the ground. As she removed the first blade, in the same motion, sent a high kick into his back, right about where his kidneys were. Garen toppled foreword, grunting loudly, a short curse on his lips.

“You should have seen this coming you know.” Immediately, a large mace crashed down on top of the fallen Champion, as his body went soft, before vanishing a few moments later.

The match ended at the twenty five minute mark. Mordekaiser and Katarina had grown bored and roamed the map, slaughtering everything in their way. As she returned to the entrance, a robed figure appeared, bowing deeply.

“I hope I did well then?” His tone was different, less controlling, less sophisticated it seemed, taking Katarina back slightly.

“You did ok. But, I will kill you if you don’t shut up.” She let out a soft smirk; not letting on how much was a joke, and how much was serious.

“I look foreword to working with you again then.” He bowed, stepping back slightly.