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Darkness - A Jax Story

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A room of darkness.
“Where am I? Who is there?”, speaks Jax,Grandmaster of Arms.

A spotlight engulfs the confused champion, it's source unknown. As the light shines, Jax does not flinch but merely adjusts his lenses for the bright light. No visible structures can be seen and Jax has no sense of direction or time.
“What is this place; Show yourselves!”

An ominous voice shatters the silent expanse, “Jax, the council for the League of Legends has summoned you for a very important mission; if you accept, you will save countless innocent lives.” A light shines on older male's face sitting above Jax.

Another light begins to illuminate a females face, “Only your skill and legendary fighting style can be used against such an evil.”

The final elder on the opposite side of the female can now be seen, “Jax you are our only hope; Malzhar has opened a rift between our world and the void. He must be destroyed before the void engulfs all of our world.”

“I will fight this threat for you but my restrictions will remain; if I can not defeat Malzhar as I have defeated all of the other champions, then I am not worthy of this victory.” Jax was speaking of the regulations put on him when he entered the League by High Councilor Heyward Relivash and his own restrictions he put on himself in protest. Instead of a normal weapon as many other warriors use, Jax limits himself to only a brass lamppost or any various objects not meant to be weapons such as the occasional fishing pole.

Without another word from the Council, Jax is teleported to a decimated village. Fires burn out of control and no person is in sight. Searching over the ruins with his eyes he sees a woman laying on her stomach. Jax leaps over to the woman and the shock wave from his landing crushes a nearby wall. Laying down his lamppost, he turns the woman over to find her face covered in blood; her eyes were gouged out. The hands contained particles of blood.
“Why would anyone inflict such horrors upon their own flesh”, pondered Jax.

A brick falls from a burning wall in the distance. The noise alerts Jax that he is no longer alone.

From the smoke a hovering, purple man appears.

“You will die! The void consumes all!”

His eyes were blue and dark energies swirled at his finger tips while a cloud of gray resided below him. Malzhar rose up one hand and shot his darkness at Jax. Never caught off guard, Jax barely dodged the blast by leaping behind a nearby structure.

“Come out, come out where ever you are! You can not hide from the visions!”

Collecting himself, Jax charged his inner power and focused it at the top of his lamppost causing the broken bulb to come back to life as it was broken many years ago from bludgeoning champions in the League's many death matches.

Malzhar began to quickly hover over to where Jax hid. Jax confidently leaped straight over the broken wall and was now above Malzhar.

“Not so fast bug”, screamed Malzhar as his eyes began to become dark purple as did his hands. Directing the power from both his hands and eyes at Jax, Jax became stunned in the air experiencing great pain. The pain did not come from pyshical discomfort but from what he saw in his mind. His surroundings became very dark and eyes appeared out of everything. The buildings seemed to teem with life and despair. The sky was a dark gray maelstrom, turbulent and inhabited by winged creatures.
Jax feared this was the end of his rein as the Undefeatable Grandmaster.

“Jax, please come back...” trailed off a young female voice.
“The light beacons you, come back.”

Jax saw a girl running in the distance towards Jax, many foul voidlings upon her. He recognized the girl to be none other then Lux, The Lady of Luminosity. She suddenly stopped and outstretched her arms to her sides and her eyes began to shimmer a whiteness of pure energy.
“Finales Funkeln”, screamed Lux as a spectrum of light shot from her chest and fires directly into Jax.

Jax opens his eyes to find that he must have been in some sort of dream created by Malzhar. Now in the real world, he propped himself up on his lamppost and hobbled over to Malzhars body. Raising his lamppost to finally finish the demonic man off, Jax is knocked on his side. A voidling ripped at his armor and bit at Jax's flesh.

“This can not be,” said Jax in disbelief.

“Foolish mortal; did you believe what you saw was a dream? The visions are real and you will soon feel their pain!”

A zone null of anything solid appeared under Jax and he could feel the darkness entering his body and pulling him into the abyss. Jax screamed in pain at the two prong assault but did not falter in his attack against the voidling. His lamppost swung true and hit its mark on the side of the four legged beasts round, conic head. It screeched and landed on the ground at least ten feet away unconscious and out of the fight. Jax channeled his inner energy into a shell that now surrounded him and protected him while he leaped to Malzhar to begin his relentless assault. The lamppost swung and swung again with every third swing being energized some by Jax's immense inner power. Malzhar became a worthless meat sack absorbing the hits and burns from the energy. He screamed in pain and could do nothing to counter Jax. Overcome by this pure power, Malzhar exploded into the abyss and was never seen again. His voidling evaporated away and the only thing that remains of the incident is the ruins of the village and the memory ingrained in Jax of the horrors of the other realm Malzhar gained his power from.

Original story by: Mcstormy