Another one of those threads about feeders.

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At times, I truly hate this game when situations like this occur. We start the game and things seem to be going good until our Twitch dies twice and decides to leave the game. That being bad enough, he comes back and begins to intentionally feed. The only way I could salvage this game is by entertaining myself by seeing how much dmg Malphite's W would do if all I did is stack armor.

P.S. Fellow players, if you see this guy "funkdancer" in your game, immediately queue dodge. All he will do is intentionally feed and lose you the game. And yes, I do know you tire of threads about people ranting about feeders. Atleast I try to help you avoid these "feeding" players. =P

P.S.S. If funkdancer actually post in here, do not believe him when he says he was "lagging."

P.S.S.S. Will I ever escape this Elo? D8