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Concerning some mysterious individuals???

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Who was the red-eye pirate who had killed Sarah Fortune's mother? Is he already a champion in the League or will he ever make his way into the League? If he were a League champion, could he be Malzahar, the ruthless Prophet of the Void who nearly sacrificed Kassadin's daughter before her father accidentally banished her into the Void?

Who is the young boy who has stolen a kiss from Miss Fortune and whom she wants to find? He cannot be Gangplank since the latter was, for some strange reasons, asexual enough to resist her charms.

Could that young boy also be the Mysterious C Caitlin's looking for? That both sharpshooters joined the League to look for two (or one?) individual(s) strongly suggested that they/he have/has some connection to the League.

Or could those two individuals are two summoners? If they were one person, which Summoner?

If they are a Champion, then who? Maybe Twisted Fate? The Demacian-born gypsy Cardmaster.

OK, there's another one, the mysterious individual who has tortured Warwick for his war crimes against Ionia.

Last but not least, have those two mysterious figures have anything to do with a wounded young boy from Maokai's League Judgment?