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(Story) Somman Ivo Must Die

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Darien Kostas pressed his fingers had into the mahogany table before him as he peered intently into the large visiopathic screen in the corner of the tavern. He was an aging man, with deeply sunken eyes, a lanky body and a head full of errant gray hairs. He bit his lower lip in anticipation of the money he'd receive... Or perhaps lose. Mr. Kostas was a chronic gambler. His favorite venue for gambling? League matches. Tonight, he had decided, tonight is my lucky night. He repeated this mantra in his head until his senses went numb.

"First Blood!" exclaimed the announcer. The tavern common room flew into a frenzy of boos and cheers. Mr. Kostas slammed his bony fist into the table. He had bet heavily Sion, Sion not dying during the match that is. And he just did. That was three-hundred gold out of his pocket. Normally Mr. Kostas would have had a much larger fit, but tonight was still his lucky night. He was about to make enough money to leave him set for the rest of the year, at least if he didn't gamble it all away. Mr. Kostas was a 'retired' summoner. He worked with the league while it was just getting off the ground. In truth, he was ousted for betting on matches he was directly involved in. Today he worked in the Noxian office of social affairs, and when he wasn't pushing pencils, he was looking for information to sell in order to acquire more gambling money. Tonight, he was to meet a very valuable customer.

Mr. Kostas' sunken eyes peered down at the table. He ignored the noises erupting from the rest of the room. So quickly, he no longer had a stake in the league match. He let out a long sigh and looked back up. There was a man now sitting across from him. Kostas' heart nearly jumped out of his chest. How could he have not noticed someone take a seat right across from him, even among this din? The man sitting across from him appeared to be of a medium build and in his late twenties. His features were angled and stony. Though it was hard to make out much more from under the deep gray-brown cloak the man was wearing. The only thing definitive were his eyes, which seemed to gleam with a green light from under his hood. It took Mr. Kostas several seconds to realize he had a vise-grip on the edge of the table. When he finally settled, the cloaked man sitting across from him spoke.

"Darien Kostas I presume?", his voice was stern and grainy, and gave no hint of his intentions. Mr. Kostas shifted in his seat and eyed the man uneasily. He had not told this 'customer' what he looked like, "Err, yes. What can I do for you Mister..."

"Samuel. You may call me Samuel. Do you have the documents I have requested?"

Mr. Kostas did not lessen his air of suspicion. Sure, he had sold information to a lot of shady folks in the past, but none quite carried the bluntness this 'Samuel' did. He straightened and dug into a small leather satchel at his side, producing a folder with several bits parchment that appeared to be hastily stuffed into it. "Somman Ivo." he read, "Birthplace unknown. Known past resident of Bilgewater and Piltover, immigrated to Noxus 3 years ago. Family unknown, associates unknown. Notable appearances; two. Retrieved the bounty on a pirate named 'Danson the Immovable' 6 years ago. requested and received a private audience with High Command General Jericho Swain one month ago... No other important information. Basically, we don't know who this guy is... At all. And you're sure you want to pay for the rest of this info?" Normally, Mr. Kostas wouldn't pass up such a large amount of money, but the circumstances baffled him just enough. He had spent the last week of his life compiling all the information he could on this "Somman Ivo", and he had found so little. That someone was willing to pay such an unspeakable amount of gold for so little information frightened the withered summoner.

Samuel's expression did not change. "Yes. The gold can be found under your front porch as we speak."

Mr. Kostas blinked. "I... well...", he was speechless. Samuel snatched up the folder from Mr. Kostas' hand and started to walk away. "W-Wait!" he called after the cloaked man, "I have to ask. Why did you pay so much for so little information? Why is Somman Ivo so important to you?"

The man who called himself Samuel did not turn to face the ex-summoner. "Because I have to kill him first."

The implications of that sentence shook the old man to the core. A tight knot formed in the pit of his stomach.
"If you'll excuse me, I need to go request a meeting with General Swain. I'd keep a tight lock on your house at night if I were you... Just in case.", Samuel rasped. He let Mr. Kostas linger in stunned silence for a few moments before he took his leave.

Darien Kostas slumped into his chair. He began to re-consider his gambling habit.

((This is a simple story I will be working on in my free time. I wanted to make an intriguing tale that was set in runeterra, but wasn't necessarily centered on the League of Legends. Critique and Commentary welcome.))

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I quite enjoyed the beginning.