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[Champion Suggestion] Kelale - The Potion Master (with pic)

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I was thinking of basing a champion off of many different X second effects. Then I realized that the only way to incorporate so many different effects into one champion was to make a potion champion. And thus, Kelale the Potions Master was born. (I was really tempted to make it Severus Snape the Potions Master, but I restrained myself. :P)

Champion: Kelale - The Potion Master
Class: Support

Lore: A beautiful, country girl had lost her farm, so she went to an equally beautiful castle to look for work. The potion master at the castle was getting old, so she was chosen to be his apprentice. The potion master, paranoid and irate from years of inhaling toxic fumes, thought the king was trying to get rid of him, so he poisoned the beautiful girl with a savage poison. By the time the king explained the situation to the potion master, the girl's fair complexion had turned to a pale white. Her flowing, light hair darkened to a dark, deep-sea blue. Her glimmering green eyes glimmered no more, and her pupils changed to a dead white. Her kind-hearted nature was replaced by one of hatred and violence.
She barely survived the poisoning, and spent the majority of her brief apprenticeship in a bed, recovering. She was a natural potion brewer, and the day she was fully recovered she was sent to work. However, as she loathed those responsible for the destruction of her beauty, she worked on their demises as well. She had brewed hundreds of helpful, productive potions before she set her plan to action. She easily killed her old master with but a drop of poison. The king, asking for a potion to heal his latest battle wound, received only an advanced stage of the poison, which spread to the queen and all the noblemen. Once the nobles had died, she became known as a public enemy, so she created a invisibility potion to ensure that she stay safe. As the finale to her play of wickedness, she dropped dozens of the poison on the town, killing all that would oppose her. She was on her way, followed only by those useful to her, and a trail of bodies.


Abilities: (Note: The descriptions are very boring)

Ability 1: Ethereal Brew (Q)
Description: Kelale drinks, or gives an ally champion, a brew made from jellyfish that, after a few seconds, causes light to pass through her body for a duration of time.
Ranks: 2 second activation time*. Grants stealth for 10/15/20/25/30 seconds. 40/37/34/31/28 second cooldown.

Ability 1.5**: Biting Nectar (Q)
Description: Kelale drinks, or gives an ally champion, a nectar made from pineapple and cacti that allows her attacks to more easily penetrate the target for a short duration of time.
Ranks: 2 second activation time. Grants 10/22.5/35/47.5/60% armor penetration for 11/12/13/14/15 seconds. 15 second cooldown.

Ability 2: Windfall Draft (W)
Description: Kelale drinks, or gives an ally champion, a strong draft made from leprechauns that superbly increases her luck for a very short duration of time.
Ranks: 2 second activation time. Grants 40/55/70/85/100% critical hit chance for 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

Ability 3: Evasive Libation (E)
Description: Kelale drinks, or gives an ally champion, a delicious libation made from snow hares that increases her ability to evade attacks for a short duration of time.
Ranks: 2 second activation time. Grants 6/12/18/24/30% dodge chance for 10/11/12/13/14 seconds.

Ability 4: Infectious Venom (R)
Description: Kelale throws a vial of infectious poison into combat. The vial bursts on impact, poisoning all those within its burst area. If a poisoned enemy comes into contact with another enemy, that enemy becomes poisoned as well. The poison can not stack, so nothing would happen if two poisoned enemies came into contact.
Ranks: Deals 100/250/400 damage over 5 seconds, and the enemy is infected for the duration. 60 second cooldown, 0.75 AP scaling.

Ability 5: Deadly Ardor (Passive)
Description: Kelale's overpowering spirit causes her to have an quickly replenishing reserve of energy.
Ranks: Kelale gains an additional 1.5 mana regeneration per 5 seconds every level. (About 5 mana per second at level 18)

Health: 5/14
Attack: 2/14
Spells: 13/14
Difficulty: 8/14

* = After you cast the spell on someone, it takes two seconds before the effects apply.
**= I can't decide whether or not giving someone the ability to turn people invisible would be OP, (it probably would be) so I posted an alternative.

Please give me any feedback you might have, or tell me which (Q) ability I should keep, and which I should trash.

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So basicaly like a chick Singe? im sure powers are Differant but theres already a potion/ chemist char Tell me whats Differant cuase my impression is old idea new face