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[Re-post] Udyr's silent tirade.

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This is a short story I wrote a while back for a contest during the beta. I was one of the winners. Felt a bit nostalgic so I decided to repost it. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Udyr's silent tirade

"A slave... Is this what I am now?" Udyr's reflection became turbid as the drizzle turned into a solid hail. He welcomed it. Storm was raging in the bar-less prison of his mind. "Is this my lot in life? Shackled on this puny piece of land, obediently following the orders of vapid summoners?" The rain chased every living soul into cover. The last bit of tedious smell coming from Demacia was washed away. The irony made him chuckle. It was not so long ago when he had to fight beasts in order to secure a shelter from the rain. And now... the rain was his only shelter on this civilized island. Udyr gave his wound an indifferent look. He cupped water from the pond and spattered it on the cut. "At least they know how to fight back. In the open world it's not an everyday event to push myself to the edge of my limits and beyond." He closed his eyes and concentrated on the rhythmic, violent song of the raindrops.

Hours passed but the wave of relaxation refused to come. Frustrated Udyr stood up and started walking without any thought as to where he was going. "I'm not myself as of late. All that effort the monks put into trying to calm me down was a waste of time." It was now that he realized the rain had stopped and a new dawn has broken. His pace quickened. "I tried to get a hold over my anger, but the animal in me would not die. Maybe it's this place of constant conflict with no real purpose that is destroying my last shreds of humanity."

When he finally came into a halt, Udyr felt excited. The inane chatter around him was nothing more than a buzz. His whole body tensioned, his mind almost completely blank. The rage filling his heart gave his eyes a dark crimson glow. A ferocious smile formed on his face with the last sane though in his mind "Then again... Is it slavery when you get what you want?"

A loud, clear voice ripped through the air:

- Welcome to the Summoner's Rift.