Karma questions

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I'm currently building my Karma this way: (I normally play her as a support by the way)

>if I have a very good start I get Meijai
-Rod of Ages
>if enemy is with too much melee damage> Frozen Heart
>if enemy is with too much magic damage> Mercurial + Banshee
>if I didn't get Mercurial, I buy a Ionian Shoe
-Soul Shroud
-Shurelya Reverie
-Zhonya Hourglass

I use the basic caster Masteries

Max Shield and Bond first, picking one point of Heavenly Wave at level 3.

My questions are:

1. Am I losing too much by not leveling Heavenly instead of Bond/Shield? Support wise.
2. Should I swap Zhonya's for Rabaddon Cap?
3. What runes should I get?
4. Which summoner spells do I have to get? Currently using a mastered Claivoyance and Flash.