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Trails of Constant Rebirth(A tale of the gates between life and death)

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Dark shades of red envelop his body, and tighten around his soul. The silhouette of his last victim taunting him with the last breaths he will take, for now. Garen drops his mighty sword, falling to his knees to accept the fate he has been dealt. The silent air whisps with the sound of thunder as the ribbon collapses on his soul, dragging it under. The shady soul that took Garens life now fades with him, after its final death defying feat. The rift grows quiet, as all are gone, perished from the battle of echoes.

The gates burst open, in blue shimmering light, thrusting Garen through the threshold of time and space. He does not quiver, or weaken. This is the way back, again and again. Light shimmers around him as he watches his body dissolve and appear upon the summoning platform. He cannot reach it for now, but will be patient, there is a lesson to learn once more. Every time a champion passes upon the fields of justice, they must learn a lesson in why they are dead.
“you did your part, young child…”
Voices echo out of the blue and black walls that hold him between the gates of life and death.

“You attempted to save her life, but fell short.”
“The summoner chooses to be arrogant to my will, he doesn’t understand courage in protecting the ones around me!”
“Calm yourself, Garen. “ The walls shiver, dropping Garen to his knees.
“These…Summoners, they don’t learn, they need to be educated. This is pain, that which I endure for them. The young yordle would have survived, had she allowed me to fight the death singer. But the summoner held me back, I could not help her.”
“Tristana will understand, but steel yourself, child, for the battle commences once more.”
Garen gazed upon his sword, shining in the passage lights. He looked up, as if to address the voice.
“ This will not happen again, this victory belongs to us.” The lights intensified, drowning him in blue embracing winds. He felt the speed of his descending spirit unto his body. He knew the lesson here, the gift of forgiveness. As he fell into his body and rose, he locked eyes with the young gunner. She smiled and hugged his leg. “ You are such a kind person. Let’s try this again, shall we?” Garen swallowed his hatred for the summoner, and readied his sword for battle. He knew that the gift of rebirth was painful, but was his sacrifice for the ones around him. The embrace of light between the gates of life and death were beautiful, anyways. So if things were bad, he could always sit and watch the lights, many times over.