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Dan Dinh's Ashe Guide

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Man Dinh

The Council


Here is my Ashe guide. If you want a more detailed version go to this link. http://www.epikgamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/957-ashe-guide/

Also, I'm trying to make a replay database to share games from top players if anyone wants to help out let me know!

IV. Skill Order
1. W,Q,W,Q,W,R,W,E,W,Q,R,Q,Q,E,E,R,E,E

III. Runes

a. x9 Armor Pen Reds, X9 Mp/5 per lv @ 18 Yellow, X9 Mp/5 per @ 18 Blues, X3 Armor Pen Quints
III. Masteries & Summoners
a. Ghost/Flash
i. 3 Deadliness, 1 Archmage Savvy, 1 Haste, 3 Perseverance
ii. 4 Alacrity, 4 Awareness,
iii. 3 Sunder, 1 Offensive Mastery, 2 Utility Mastery, 3 Meditation
iv. 2 Brute Force, 3 Quickness (14-0-16)
IV. Item Build
1. Doran Blade or Boots & 3 health pots.
2. Boots lvl 1 if you haven't already
3. Ionian Boots or Brutalizer. Get Brutalizer first if you can afford it on your next buy (get a green ward and health pots if you have money).
4. If you got Brutalizer first, now get Ionian Boots (also vice versa)
5. BF Sword or vampiric scepter (if you cant afford the bf sword just get a vamp scepter
6. Combine to Blood Thirster
7. Banshees Viel with an emphasis on Negatron Cloak and Health Crystal first (start red potting)
8. Get a Last Whisper or Black Cleaver
9. User Discretion

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Senior Member


Why don't you take Infinity edge? (just wondering)

/searched for my own question
"I feel that IE is rather expensive on champions that require survivability items. Shaving off 800 gold could mean an earlier Banshee's for Ashe. Twitch will die no matter how much survivability you build on him if he gets focused, and Tristana has long range and strong escape mechanisms anyway.

More on topic, it seems like a good guide so far. :] "

I think it's more that Bloodthirster provides more raw damage than IE and since carries like Ashe (specifically this build) and Sivir are less auto attacked dependant, they benefit more from raw damage to scale their abilities. Tristana and Twitch are very auto attack dependant champions and therefore benefit more from the crit chance and crit damage. "/

In case anyone else is wondering. (Quoted from the boards on the extended guide)

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i use 21-0-9 masteries and use the same runes except i use dodge yellow, oh yeah, screw blood thirster get black cleaver