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The sad thing is.......

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Even though we laugh/downvote at all the Shen QQ, in 2 months we'll probably be upvoting all the people who continue the QQ.

As this cycle goes on, tanks become more limited in quantity in terms of viability. Rammus, even though not even close to being a first pick 2 months ago, all of a sudden shot up to the top in "qq" lists. At first, those QQs were downvoted, but by and by they began to recieve upvotes. Even ridiculous ones such as "taunt duration is OP", that used to be heralded as dumb because it was (and i still believe) balanced, are being +1'd all over the place now.

Now, Shen is next. And although we still rofl and shout "l2p", the chances are that in 2 or so months, the QQ will begin to recieve praise as well.

We need more tanks. And tanks need to stop being qq'ed about. If they CC you and do their job, then good for them. You just need to stop following your glass cannon build and get a QSS/Merc's.