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Garen is underrated

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Senior Member


Just a question here for you shaelabaono, (screw your name, I can't be stuffed) How often do you play Garen?

Cause I play him a bit.

And I play him enough to know that he is in every way inferior to many other champs.

Why, would you choose Garen over say...Xin Zhao?

Doesn't make sense.I'm not going to get into a full scale argument but I will say thie:

  • He has a piss poor gap closer.
  • He has piss poor scaling.
  • He has no steroid.
  • His skill set seems to be begging to be a tank...but Riot has forced him to be a dps.

Sheallaebob squarepants, your an idiot.

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Every melee dps has a dash-like skill that can help them chase people. garen doesn't have **** except a 2 second speed boost that cancels out his low base movement speed. besides if you do build damage what are you going to do? spin for 3 seconds then auto attack with your .8 attack speed for 8 seconds? I think you make these threads for attention because you obviously don't get enough in real life.

Well said, thread closed LOL