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AP Nidalee Build?

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Lich Bane is godsend on Nidalee. Please learn to play the champion before giving bad advice in threads.

You buy Lich Bane on Cougar Nidalee, the good Nidalee build. You don't buy it on Spear Nidalee, who does not spend enough time in autoattack range with spammable spells to make it worthwhile.

The two builds are completely different even if they are both "AP" builds.

Spear Nidalee is what the guy was talking about earlier about Rageblade: Don't buy Rageblade on Spear Nidalee. You can't sustain it, you don't use the AD or attack speed. You just go pure AP and Magic Penetration.

Cougar Nidalee is closer, doesn't go for longer range spears, and instead jumps in when the time is right, does a ton of damage, and jumps out. It's a completely different style of play. This is where you use the Rageblade, the Lich Bane, but you also need some defensive items as well. You don't go stacking MPen on Cougar Nidalee, for example, because a large part of your damage is not magic damage.

Please learn to play the champion before giving bad advice in threads.

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I dont really think that theres a difference betwenn a AP cougar ad a AP Spear build... thats just a matter of playstyle.

If you stay behind you team just throwing spears all the time, youre a bad nidalee.

If you are always in cougar form thinking youre a melee champ, youre also a bad nidalee.

What im tryin to say is: nidalee is BOTH cougar and spear, you should be healing and throwing spears after the fihgt initiate and then jump on their squishy, do your cougar combo, go back and start throwin spears and healing again, its just a matter of timing and skill. One of these builds doesnt exclude the other, if you really know how to play her, you shouldnt be worried about a name or definition to your build.

And btw, every AP nidalee sould have Guinsoos Rageblade, as it is one of the most cost efficient items in the game , and really hepl nid with her combo and to destroy towers. Lichbane and Rabadons Death cap should also be core.

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My build is: Sorcerer's Boots, AAS, Rabadon's, Lichbane, Rylai's, Mejai's (if getting fed) OR Void Staff (if not getting fed)

I usually start off trying to build Tear of the Goddess for mana. Then I build boots, then Rylai's, AAS, Lich, Rabadon's, then Void Staff. Or if getting fed, Mejai's, Tear, Boots, Rylai's, AAS, Lich, Rabadon's. I heal for a ton and my spear melts anyone. ANYONE.