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Tutorial QQ

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So.. I never did the battlegrounds tutorial on my main acc, but when I did it on a different account I noticed it gave a buttload of IP (close to 400). Also, when it ended, it said something like "you can always come back here to practice and gain more IP". So, I figured, despite being rather high level already, I'd go ahead and do it because I needed about 400 more IP to buy a new champion, and I never did the tutorial yet. Derp, -100% ip/xp for tutorial game. Awesome.

I can understand you wouldn't want high levels to farm off it, but I also think it's unfair that you give the players that take 15 minutes of hell listening to some female voice telling you what to do at all the wrong moments (hey watch out youre under a tower so im gonna give you a popup box so you cant walk away) such a large amount of bonus IP that people who feel like they're experienced enough already (because they played dota or so) will never be able to get (they won't know up ahead they get 4x the regular amount of IP for a game of less than half the length). (hurrdurr... yes, that was one sentence)

Either just give all new accounts some starting IP, instead of making the tutorial "mandatory", or allow anyone who wants to to get that boost in IP by doing the tutorial, even if they didn't do it when they only just started out.

Not a big deal, sorry if it seems like overreacting QQ, just think it's kind of silly. Feel free to downvote, it's deserved <3

Edit: lol, after getting 0xp/ip it asks me if i want to do it again and "continue gaining rewards".