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Is Rammus worth playing?

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Here's my take on this.

I've played Rammus and I've loved using him when I did.

Item builds vary depending on what your style of play is. Rammus, contrary to what you said, is one of the best tanks out there. He has incredible resiliency and unrivaled anti-tower capabilities compared to other tanks.

Powerball and Curl alone can help your team win a short fight.

Try powerballing from the grass when you are either at the top or bottom lanes early on. it's a very good harassment play-style. Plus, depending on what hero you're paired with, you guys could own.

Don't listen to people who talk down Puncturing Taunt. This ability combined with powerball will give you and your partner or team more time to land hits and potentially kill.

Items you might like to experiment with are Banshee's Veil and Warden's Mail. Magic block and chance of slowing attackers is a good combo. This is a good start for a full tank build. Heart of Gold or Philosopher's stone will help your survivability.

I play a little differently. I get Doran's shield at the start. Then a Heart of Gold or two then start getting Sunfire Cape. It seems weird, but I get THREE sunfire capes and Mercury Treads. Then go on to make a Thorn Mail or a Guardian Angel or Innervating Locket for support purposes.

The item build above let's me support and be effective one on one. Sometimes I can take on 2-3 and emerge victorious is I use my skills and summoner spells right.

I use Ghost and Flash for summoner spells. Ghost is primarily for Powerballing from the grass and initiating an attack before they run away or just Powerballing through the map to get from point a to point b fast. Flash is fun and useful while Powerballing. You can Powerball towards an enemy that's running away, flash infront of hin anf knock him back a bit for your teammates to catch up and for you to deal extra damage and use Puncturing Taunt.

It's up to you really. Going full tank isn't always the answer. it all depends on what playstyle you're used to and how you can adapt it to the heroes you choose to play as.

-X, the Betrayed Prince-

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Don't feel bad about the purchase, Rammus is a great initiator/tank. The most important tip for Rammus is the early game. A bad early game will screw him over for the rest of the match. You have to keep in line with the opponents or else you won't be able to tank for ****. Also note that he isn't as tanky as Alistar, but he initiates better.

- What distinguishes the good Rammus players from the bad are those that know when to commit, when to fake, and when to run.

- Know when to Taunt first, and when to Powerball first. Taunting first is the best, because you can then Powerball before it wears off so they run slower and can't escape. I tend to roll with Exhaust as well, providing you a THIRD slow.

- Always max Taunt first, but you should have one point in each skill at level 3.

- Until level 6, he's very weak. You have to be patient and not engage enemies unless you have to. You can attempt a first blood with Powerball with an ally, but don't get greedy unless you really know what you're doing.

- The most important thing to do early on is NOT FEED the opponents. Go for last hits, and stay back. Save your mana and use Curl to help with laning so they don't bombard your tower.

- Rammus allows for some of the most varied item builds of any Champ. He has no "best" build, and it will depend on the opponents. You have to plan ahead as soon as you know what the opponents are. Look at which Champs they have that can do damage, and buy the appropriate counter items.

There are three initial builds;
Regen Pendant -> Philosopher's Stone
Doran's Shield + Pot
Cloth Armor + 3 Health Pots + Mana Pot -> Heart of Gold

Beginners should go Philosopher's because you'll have more mana and don't have to be as calculating with your pots. Experienced players should go Cloth first because Heart of Gold synergizes better with Rammus overall. Doran's is kind of a mix between the two. I personally never use it though.

Ninja Tabi or Merc Treads
If you guys are pwning badly, go Swiftness for offensive Rammus

First big item:
* Aegis if you're winning slightly
* Frozen Mallet if you're winning badly
* Banshee's against lots of casters.
* Warmog's against a mixed army.
* Frozen Armor against heavy Auto-DPS

I do not personally recommend Sunfire's. You're paying A LOT for the damage aura, and from my experiences it is NOT worth the money.

I also do not recommend Guardian's Angel until very late game. This should be your last item.

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Frank Balboni:
If you don't think Rammus is good, or that his skills suck, you don't know how to play him.

Rammus is super annoying, powerful, and very helpful/beneficial to a team.

With Rammus, armor = dmg, and armor = survivability. Perfect synergy.

Item builds... Doran's shield is a good starter, hp + armor + regen, plus a health pot

Next I get Tabi and then it's Thornmail. Thornmail is critical. Flash or Powerball in, taunt, curl, tremor = you're toasting them and they're toasting themselves on you. This is a very successful tactic. Very.

I usually don't have trouble getting gold, partially because you get good at last hitting, and also from kills and assists. I normally get an Aegis and then Sunfire to round out the build. That's about all I usually have time for, but usually you can get all 5 items.

Rammus is maybe hard for lvl's 1-3, but after that who cares if you get a little harassed, you can take it, go last hit! Also, it's not that easy to get gank'd. Powerball is an excellent escape. You pretty much have to get 2-3 ganking you w/ a big stun early. That's an unlikely (and should be avoidable) situation early and even mid.

Agree or disagree, up to you, but I'd love to prove it to you in game anytime you want :P

Thornmail+sunfires are great on Rammus. My favorite basic build for sure.
Sometimes you might need more focus on MR though. Force of nature in that case.

Tremors has a short cooldown. dont be afraid to use it for farming. Def curl helps too.

He is a strong tank. But more easily countered then Alistar, due to armor reduction.

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Ouroborous HD



Rammus is the roley poley ball of death who if you are doing bad with just dont play him at all. if you are good with him pick rammus when your team has multiple champs with hard cc and laugh as the enemy carry gets cced into oblivion. also rammus makes it infinitely easier to land hard cc when he is taunting someone.

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forget rammus. do yourself a favor and stop pllaying league of legends... for your own good. otherwise you have no life and thats just the cold hard truth. go die if you have no life, no one cares about people who have no life.

got a problem with it? THEN UNINSTALL. 95% of the ppl who play this game are total ****t at it anyways.

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This thread is 2 years old. In that time, Rammus got buffed into the best jungler in the game, and then now nerfed to hell.

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and then buffed, and renerfed!