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Maokai's Lore

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This is probably going to be the most pedantic thing in history but bear with me here.

I was just reading over Maokai's brief story and I happened to notice something peculiar about it. Maokai is supposed to be a tree from the Twisted Treeline that has been brought to life by the use of arcane arts and magic from the various champions that do battle there; and yet, in his story it says he spontaneously roared to life.

Now I'm not making a complaint or asking for it to be changed because I suspect I'm the only one that actually noticed but I thought for an action to be spontaneous (Maokai's "birth&quot it had to happen of its own accord without the need of any external stimuli (Freaky magic flying around). So it's a contradiction in itself, he must either roar to life out of no where to be spontaneous, or he gets hit in the face by too many wayward spells and comes to life through that, lacking spontaneity.

Just something I noticed, carry on

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If they actually used that word, then yes, wrong word. Yes, it is pedantic :P *gently pats* Don't worry too much about it, I'm sure they'll adjust it if they notice. I think they simply meant that no one had intended it to occur.

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they said the nexus "fluctuated", that is to say temporarily broke and magicified everything