Jax and his dodge

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I've been playing with jax since it became a free champ, and most of the time i see him getting owned in the opposite team and i did pretty bad aswell. After a while i reconfigured my summoner and the gamestyle itself to focus on dodge, and just came from a 17 - 1 - 10 game. Endgame i was absolutly invincible 1v1, since almost everything threwn at me was dodged. Now i know jax is a carry and is weak in the beginning, and i love if it wouldnt be nerfed AGAIN, but im just wondering: How much dodge is possible?
I had 4%dodge from mastery + 4%dodge from runes + 11% dodge from boots + 18% dodge from skill + 20% dodge from dancer. Now if im right, thats 57% dodge and im only level 10 summoner, with max runes it would be like around 75%? Meaning only 3/4 of attacks actually take a scratch from your 3500hp, while you pulberize enemies with normal strike that has been made lightning fast with ult.

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Jax can also gank early game as long as you have a decent partner. The only issue with Jax is that any smart dps (like Yi or Twitch) will likely buy a Sword of the Divine which pretty much negates Jax's dodge which he's dependent on to survive.

Other than that, Jax with that much dodge probably will be amazing so long as they don't focus you with all of their casters (since spells can't be dodged).

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Doesn't work that way.

Each of the chances to dodge is checked individually, they are not added together and checked all at once. Your true dodge ends up being somewhere around ~45%.

1 - .96*.96*.89*.82*.8 = .4619 = 46.19% chance to dodge attacks

With 6 Phantom Dancers, your % to dodge is 73.78%. Probably can't get it much higher than that, though at that point people will probably have Sword of the Divines just for you, and your gold would be better spent elsewhere