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Message Directed @ Riot - Solo Ranked Games

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Dear Riot,

I'm creating this thread to bring up some issues about solo ranked queue games. I've been playing Ranked matches on and off and they've gotten better since the banning system was implemented as leavers have come down by a BIG % which is awesome!.

A new problem has raised and it's very very annoying and it just screws ranked solo games for most of the players if not everyone else except the person thats messing everything up.

Game1. I entered ranked queue and striate upon entering I asked who should I play? Kat or Anivia and instantly team captain bans Kat and then banned Anivia after that on purpose. I choose another champion to play and the game started. Team Captain went mid for this game and starts feeding middle gave him 5-6 kills within like 5 mins of the game and stated he was feeing on purpose. This discouraged the rest of the team and they started feeding/leaving which end up in us losing the game.

Aside from teammates feeding on purpose I find teams fight alot with each other and cant just seem to play and work together. Instead they fight and complain about how noob one another is and they rage each other so on and so forth.

You guys fixed the leaver problem which is grate but how do you fix this? This is getting ******ed I cant even do solo ranked games because my team just rages and feeds and acts stupid. It's like no one takes the game serious and thats lame because it screws it up for the real competitive players.

What else would you put a solo ranked queue into the game for? So other players who are serious players can play with others but at the moment I don't think this is the case. It's all about trolling, flaming, raging so on and so forth.

It's sad when playing in a normal game is more serious then it is when people play ranked.

Riot can you seriously do something? Please?

To the community please vote if you would like to see Riot do something about this as I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been though this.

Thanks for your time in reading this thread.