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Elo hell, real or not it's certainly perceived

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We can mathcraft and theorycraft all day about numbers, probability and whatnot. The fact is, someone can spend an entire afternoon (as I just have done) playing ranked games and lose every single one of them in situations where it was impossible to single handedly carry the game.

5 games, in the big scope of things, is a really small sample size to base anything off of. I can't sit here and claim "Elo hell is real my entire night tonight proves it." But what I can say is that 5 games of agonizingly slow defeats, one after the other, in ways that by Murphy's Law seem to make it impossible for me to sway the win. . .well that's hell. I get to go to bed tonight feeling like I had my prostate checked with a pitchfork. Whereas elo hell may or may not exist in the grand scheme of the system, it is certainly probable and likely for people to experience these little micro spurts of "elo hell". They then go to make posts and over analyze things to place blame and prove why elo hell exists.

Well to all those people: I know what you feel, I'm feeling it right now. When you have 9 other unknowns in the mix, you can't always carry the game, and sometimes you really feel like you're in hell. All you can do is just play more games. You will have losing streaks of micro hell. It sucks because the lower you go and the closer to 1200 you are the uncertainties are increase and almost every single game is uber one-sided and a 25 minute surrender. The true existence of elo hell is irrelevant. Just keep doing what you know do to and eventually you'll find a way out. Keep counter-banning and counter-picking. Keep buying wards and be smart when and where you place them. Keep an eye on that dragon. Keep pinging to your teammates and call mia's. Keep adapting your build to counter the other team and don't use the same build every game.

TL;DRWhether elo hell is real or not, we all get streaks of micro hell. I find the whole concept irrelevant and a scapegoat to some who truly blame elo hell for being hundreds of ranking points under where they think they are.

Cool Story Bro's and the Don't Carer's can stop reading here, for anyone interested I'm listed a recap of my last 5 games to show you what I was up against.
Game 1:
So I'm first second pick after the enemy snags Anivia. I take Kassadin to counter her. I carry the team and go 9-2-7. It's too bad I had a troll Renekton who started with a doran's ring and ended 0-15. Simple uncontrollable reason but harsh and impacting nonetheless.

Game 2
I take Kassadin again to counter a first pick Vlad. This game I had a galio on my team that rage quit after going 1-3 after 10-12 minutes. My performance was meh with a 2-4-4 but with the 4v5 I couldn't effectively chase and kill. I bought wards, left my lane to gank when possible, just couldn't carry the 4v5.

Game 3:
No trolling intentional feeders or leavers, just really bad teammates. I take Kassadin this time as a first pick. I end 1-1-0 because there was never a team fight. Everyone got picked off one by one by over extending and once the enemy got fed, standing by a tower by yourself was overextended as even just two of them could easily dive you. I tried my best to take the lead and help coordinate team fights, but no one listened. I had to place wards all over our own jungle and it still didn't keep them from trying to farm a side lane and get dove by 3 of them. This was a rough game because everyone legitimately tried, they were just bad. No way to carry it.

Game 4:
Really a bad game for me. I admit this game could be logged as me failing but even if I had gone 10-0 I doubt we had this game. I first pick Pantheon for some early game ownage, and excited cause I got to lane with Janna. Well, I laned against Anivia and Mundo who gleefully went about harassing me as much as possible. After tons of begging, Janna still wouldn't stop pushing the lane with her nados. I couldn't even last hit with Spear Shot effectively because I was being zoned so bad as Janna gave them full control over the bottom brush. I finish 0-4-0 but that was better than three of my teammates. It took me long to hit 6 in the double lane and there was no where I could ult to gank. With no CS or champion kills, my damage suffered terribly as I was forced to get early mercs and snagged a hexdrinker for all the magic damage I was taking. Just a bad game, whether I had control or not.

Game 5:
So I get a Karma first pick auto lock in. Great. We get someone to go shen and I take blitzcrank to off-tank. We say we need a hard AD and a hard AP carry for the last two. One goes Corki which was alright, the other gets Janna. I could smell the lack of dps before we hit the loading screen. I go 5-3-9 and play a fantastic blitz, hitting tons of pulls. Our karma cries about having to solo top after auto locking her, and gets rocked by Zilean and goes 0-7. Corki has a hard time mid as well but doesn't feed quite as bad with 6-8. We ended up terribly underleveled at their mid and top had 3-4 levels on our whole team. I take clairvoyance Blitz which got us about 3 kills, I even still place some wards, I try to lead the team to set up ganks. Karma wanders off to go farm and overextends. Just unwinnable.

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