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Suggestion: Load screen chat-box.

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TaIon Mid



Yes please!

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Junior Member



Also, I'm not sure why they couldn't just tie all the chat together from all 4 possible chat screens (Champ Select, Loading, Game and Postgame). It seems like it would be super simple to send a simple xml file from one server to another (since the game and select/queue client are on different servers, I guess) with the chat in it.

Then there wouldn't be issues with things like:
1) Tribunal not having full chat logs, because you'd have one continuous file at the end of the game

2) Players calling lanes/roles in champ select and then disagreeing over what was said when you get into game

3) Strategizing with the countdown in champ select and people not reading that last line you typed before the countdown ended, or just not being able to reply in a timely manner. Too many times I've waited a few minutes to post a reply to something that was submitted just before load screen started.

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I would like if there were to be a team / cross team chat in the loading screen as well.
this was implemented in such games as WarCraft3