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1 player need for 5man ranked 1500+

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Elo Tartarus



MayorXMcCheese-Tanks/jungle/melee dps-1502
Srcrackbaby- Anything but junglers- 1775
Pumbabear- jungle/tanks/dps-1452
Liaku-Mages/Supports- 1200ish

I am looking for a good tank/support player Ideally but anyone is welcome to post here and apply I would like 1500+ only but if you post and I see you are below 1500 but have 100+ games of a needed role and you have done well I will take a look we are doing this to get our team ranked up.

We use skype and vent you must have a mic and be ready on the dates we post.

We look forward to the responses we have lots of jokes and laughs while also trying to win we are eager to see who responds.

My skype name is The same as in game MayorXMcCheese if you have any questions.

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Senior Member


I dont tank unless its olaf and i make one hella of a good job... although i do play a mean jungler olaf... my elo for team is **** like 1100 coz i dont play with neone serious but that could all change? add me for an invite and test my skills? i do wanna boost my elo...wat if u put me into rank with 4 others it will vs lower lev elo ppl im just as good as em... try me out :P in normal