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Aggression During Laning Phase

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Rayne Aven



I've noticed in a decent portion of games where my team and I have been crushed that our opponents were very aggressive during the laning phase of the game. And by that I mean barely caring about creeps at all and almost purely trying to damage/kill the opposing champions in the lane.

This poses a strange dilemma for me and my laning partner. Either we are forced to tower hug and exit XP range (and then the opponents actually go for creeps), netting us a level and gold disadvantage; or we continue trying to kill creeps and die to harassment, netting us a level and gold disadvantage. There is a third option, which is counter-aggression, but that rarely ever seems to work since we're lower than they are on HP at that point.

In all of the random strategy guides/articles I've read and from all of the advice teammates have given me, I was always told to play very passively: only harass when it's safe to do so, don't overextend beyond the creep line or river, and focus on last hitting primarily during the laning phase (especially since my most played champ is Nasus). Obviously there's more to it than that, but these players I've encountered who've destroyed me in-game defy these seemingly axiomatic laning-phase strategies.

So, my question is what should I do against early-game overaggression, because there's clearly something I'm missing?

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Senior Member


Let them push the creep wave back to your tower. Once it's at your tower, last hit as much as possible (don't push by auto-attacking unless your creep wave is gone). You won't get out of XP range, but you'll be fighting for gold.

At this point, your aggressive enemies are ripe to be ganked. Have your mid or someone from the opposite lane come surprise them from behind. Even if you don't kill them, you'll put the fear into them and they'll stop being so aggressive. Or they'll stay aggressive and you gank again.