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LF duo que partner - 1500 elo /vent + mike

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Senior Member


I am looking for a 1500 player to duo que with me and push towards the 1700 rating. I once was 1800 and have recently been falling fast now around 1450 rating. I have every champion in LoL except for vlad. I can play any champ.

Things I am looking for:
being my duo partner will be more than just winning it will be having fun, I am a 18 year old student in college, I like to joke, I like to yell, and I like to laugh. I am not looking for someone to yell at me and tell me how to play and do not plan on telling anyone how to play either.
I know there is alot of players out there that are good but I am looking for one that is above everyone else. I look at it this way, if you can fill the role that you have to fill 4/5 games then you are good. If you go negative 2 every game, obviously you aren't what I am looking for.
As I said in the post name I am looking for a a player with ventrilo and a working headset. I am looking for that side partner that can stand by me with all the lowbies we may pull and carry eachother to high elo. I am just tired of playing people who throughout the entire game tell me they are better than me then end up going -10 at the end of the game.

More importantly the true test to know if you and I would be a good duo is if you can play a game of LoL as Gangplank while listening to

If you can do that then post on here or friend request me in game. I usually play every afternoon and alot at night time. SO hit me up.

Thanks, Downz.

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i play support sona, atm im 22wins - 5lose rank games with her. perhaps wanna try out game?

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Junior Member


Hey, I usually play normal games, but it is not as competitive as Ranked Games. Add me and lets duo if you want.