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level 30 own all champs / looking for clan and premade.

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I am looking for a clan and premade.

I own all in game champs and all t3 rune sets.

I have 9 rune pages so i can adapt quickly to any role, but specialize at AD carry, support and tanking.

Add me in game name is BODYPULL


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Clan Amadas is looking for more active/friendly members to join our clan. We are a friendly community that has it's own inbuilt teams as well as just friendly play. We play normal daily and the teams play competitive/ranked matches as well! Our clan also gives tips to players, helps you improve at the game and has giveaways. We also have several players that have good experience in ranked matches and setup normal games as well as ranked! If you are interested, please follow the following steps:

Please sign-up at http://clanamadas.com/forums/ and verify your account. (Instructions are sent to your e-mail.)
Apply for the clan: http://clanamadas.com/forums/index.p...=add&category=

Our ventrilo server information is located @: Host: vent.clanamadas.com
Port: 4216
Password: cookies
*Please have "trying out" as your ventrilo comment.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to add me in game and I will be glad to help you out! GL and happy frag hunting!

-Nagl (Clan Admin)