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Just a few questions

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Just started playing not too long ago, but here:

1. How do I hotkey item abilities? I love Yomuu's Ghostblade, but I have to click it to activate the activate buff/it is very annoying.

2. What's with the cheap champions and expensive ones? I think I saw Master Yi for 1350 a while ago, but then I got him for just 450 today. Do they change or something? And are the higher priced ones better or something?

3. Why are people so quiet? Often times I see a max of 3 chat lines...

4. And onto jungling. I've tried this before, and it's pretty easy, but I don't really see many benefits other than the Baron's since they give you little gold, somewhat weak buffs, and take too much time. What's the point?

5. I don't really see what a "stack" is. For example, in Mejai's Soulstealer or Leviathian, it says you gain 5 ability power per stack. What is a stack? When you stack abilities? Items?

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1) Item hotkeys

Default key bindings are:

1 2 3
4 5 6

You can change these under options > keybindings. 'Item 1' will always refer to the top left slot, regardless of what you change the key binding to.

2) Champion prices.

Champion IP prices never change. Ever. You must have seen it wrong (looked at the price of guy next to him, RP v IP prices, etc). Champions will go on sale every once in a while, but only the RP cost gets reduced.

Initially the cheaper champions were easier to pick up, while the more expensive champions were more difficult to master. After the initial 40 however, the average price of champions increased, with one at 1350, one at 4800, and the rest being either 3150 or 6300.

3) Chat

At lower levels players don't know how to, or understand the importance of teamwork. They also don't know enough about the game to suggest either item/skill builds or game direction (ie push here, d that, gank him). Players are often focusing so much on everything they need to do (it's a lot to take in at first) that they don't even think about chatting.

4) The jungle!

'Jungling' isn't just killing jungle creeps, it's starting in the jungle at level 1. This allows you to have two lanes getting solo experience, and a jungler who should be somewhere between the dual and solo lanes wrt experience. He is also constantly invisible to the enemy, meaning they have to be more cautious. Since he's invisible, he can also gank more easily, as they don't notice anything out of the ordinary when he moves to get into position, where someone from another lane would no longer be visible in that lane.

5) Stack Items

Mejai's Soulstealer, Leviathan, and Sword of the Occult are the three 'stack' items in this game. If you look at their description (we'll take Mejai's):

Learning Center:

+20 Ability Power UNIQUE Passive: Your champion gains 8 ability power per stack, receiving 2 stacks for a kill or 1 stack for an assist. This effect can stack 20 times; you lose a third of your stacks if you die. At 20 stacks, your champion's cooldowns are reduced by 15%.

The 'stacks' are a buff that you are granted whenever you get a champion kill or assist. The rest of the description should be pretty clear, but let me know if you still have trouble understanding it.

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1. 1-6 are default key binds. You can change them by hitting esc ingame and choosing keybindings from the menu.
2. Prices are 450, 1350, 3150, 4800, 6300 and they dont change the IP prices.
3. Why someone likes red color?
4. jungling allows your team to have 2 solo lanes which benefit your team with higher level champions&gold. And the jungler should do atleast good as duo laner.
5. Stack is something you gain when you meet the requirement for it. For example mejais: you kill a champion you gain 2 stack which will benefit you with 16AP. And when you die you lose third of the stack. Your stack is shown above your skills. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15026228/lol/stacks.JPG